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With Colored Pencils
9 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 4 hours to complete one class project.

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  • 12 Animal Characters

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Skills You’ll Learn

Simplifying Objects

Learn how to simplify your drawings with lines.

All About Colored Pencils

Learn how to use colored pencils.

Color Theory

Learn how to choose the right color.

Creating Different Characters

Learn how to create different characters.

Class Summary

Hello, I'm Heegyum Kim, an illustrator who draws unique, fun, and cute animals.

Sketchbooks filled with beautiful drawings have always been my dream. It has already been seven years since I started filling up my own sketchbooks. In this class, I am going to share the joy of filling the sketchbook with your favorite things. From simple shapes to complex characters, learn how to draw illustrations using colored pencils.

Class Takeaways

  • Learn how to observe and simplify things
  • Learn how to draw animal characters using basic shapes
  • Learn how to make postcards and stickers with your own drawings
  • Learn how to promote your paintings through social media

This Class Is For

  • Anyone who is interested in drawing cute illustrations
  • Anyone who wants to get familiar with colored pencils
  • Anyone who would like to find a new way to spend their pastime
  • Anyone who would like to explore their creative ideas and illustration style
  • Anyone who want to fill the joy of filling up the sketchbook

Class Highlights

❶ The Joy of Filling Sketchbook

Filling an empty sketchbook with new drawings might be overwhelming. I've been there too. The key to filling up your sketchbook is steadily drawing page by page. With a colored pencil in hand, focus on the page itself, not the end result. Each drawing is a milestone, and you will be able to find joy in the process. From doodling, journaling, and drawing a final illustration, your sketchbook will be filled with your favorite things.

❷ Create Your Own Merch

Learn the process of creating your own merchandise goods. From the process of designing, scanning, ordering, and manufacturing, let's make your own! In this class, I am going to teach how to make sticker with Cricut.

❸ Build Your Channel

Do not keep your drawings to yourself. Share it with others! Learn how to promote your paintings and brand yourself. I will tell you my tips on how I reached 122K followers on my Instagram.




Chapter 1

Warm Up

Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4

Animal Drawing_Basics

Chapter 5

Animal Drawing_Advanced

Chapter 6

Drawing People

Chapter 7

Final Illustration

Bonus Chapter

Personal Branding with Instagram




Heegyum Kim

Heegyum Kim

Hello, I'm Heegyum Kim, who paints unique, fun, and cute animals.

Over the years, I gained recognition by sharing my paintings on social media. I published 2 books in Korea, 5 drawing books in the US and Europe, and a picture book in France. In addition, I am working with clients from multiple countries.

Sketchbook paintings, which I had constantly been filling up after work, led me an opportunity to do this kind of work. I am so happy and excited to be able to share my know-hows I learned while drawing pictures, tips for growing social media, and making merchandise goods.



Heegyum Kim Illustration

Heegyum Kim Illustration
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