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1 Class Projects

It takes about 6 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • [Practice] Background

Skills You’ll Learn

Perth basics

I understand the way of thinking in the background, such as eye level and perspective drawing

Application of Perth

You can acquire basic knowledge and even understand the tricks to apply it

Background illustration in practice

You'll learn everything from rough background illustrations to how to finish a single picture

Drawing backgrounds becomes fun! Learn perspective tips

For those who like drawing pictures but can't draw backgrounds, I'll introduce a class where drawing backgrounds will be fun.

“I want to know the basics of background”

“I've read and studied Peirce's books many times, but I can't draw well”

In class, a manga artist who is a lecturer at an art college Mochi Numahara will teach you how to draw backgrounds based on the experience of “not being able to draw a background at all at first. She will carefully explain the perspective that the more you learn, the less you understand.

You'll learn tips for drawing pictures where characters blend into the background, how to understand perspective's basic eye level, and how to draw backgrounds that make your own comics several times better.

Once you can draw backgrounds, the range of pictures you can draw will expand.

Why don't you express a worldview created by the background, such as everyday things, science fiction, fantasy, etc.?

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • You will understand the basics of perspective (eye level, perspective drawing)
  • You will be able to draw pictures without any sense of incongruity between the characters and the background
  • You will know how to draw backgrounds that make characters stand out
  • You will know how to draw backgrounds for your own comics without feeling uncomfortableDo you know
  • The range of pictures that can be drawn expands (worldviews created by backgrounds such as everyday objects, science fiction, fantasy, etc.)

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who can draw characters but can't draw backgrounds
  • Those who tried studying the background but were frustrated
  • Those who want to improve the degree of perfection of comics
  • Those who want to expand their range of painting

When you take the course

The software the creator use when drawing pictures is Clip Studio Paint.

If it's analog, paper, pen, ruler, whatever drawing software is fine.

This class is aimed at people who draw pictures with lines, not a method of capturing shapes on the surface that one would learn in drawing.

3 reasons why this class is so special

① You can draw pictures where the characters blend into the background without any sense of incongruity

You must have heard about eye level and perspective drawing, but if you draw a picture without understanding it, you end up with a picture where the character and background don't match well. As you learn eye level and perspective drawing techniques little by little, you will be able to draw pictures where the characters fit perfectly with the background. It is recommended for those who want to add backgrounds to their characters and draw an attractive view of the world.

② You will be able to understand the basics of perspective and eye levels

The more you learn about perspective, the less you understand it. There are many applied editions, especially when you get to the next level, and if you learn them all of a sudden, your mind will be quite confused. In this class, I will be close to the beginner and slowly explain from the basic eye level to the extent that my head is not confused.

③ You will know how to draw a background that makes my comic several times better

If you've tried drawing a comic but don't know how to draw a background and only end up with the character's face, adding a background will make the comic look better all at once. If you want to improve the completeness of your comic, be able to draw backgrounds.



Mochi Numahara

Mochi Numahara


Nice to meet you, I'm Mochi Numahara, a manga artist. I wasn't able to draw backgrounds in the past.

No matter how many perspective books I read, I couldn't understand them easily, so I gave up many times and somehow drew pictures.

But suddenly I got the hang of it and was able to draw. After that, drawing the background was fun and I couldn't help it.

As the range of painting expands, drawing pictures will be tens of times more enjoyable than it is now.

In this class, I'm going to teach you the tricks I suddenly started taking.

If you think you're not good at perspective, or if you've tried many times to study perspective and are frustrated, I definitely want you to take this class.





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