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Drawing Anime Manga WEBTOON Characters in Dynamic Action FROM MEMORY


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Skills You’ll Learn

Drawing Characters in Dynamic Poses

Learn to draw your characters in engaging positions and compositions

Develop Your Anime Art Style

Learn to develop your art style and give it a more mature voice

Recognize the Errors in Your Ways

Learn to spot the mistakes in your art and correct them

Draw Faster

Learn practical tips and tricks to improve speed and confidence in your work without hurting the quality

Improve Your Digital Art

Learn how to use the basics of any digital art software

Steps for Making Manga

Learn the steps and process of making Manga

Class Summary

This class teaches you much about drawing your favorite original anime or manga characters in dynamic poses from imagination. I will share the unorthodox but effective techniques I used to improve my skill concerning drawing characters in any desired positions. Improving my way has allowed me to build a career as a published manga writer and illustrator. You will also learn some tips and tricks when drawing digitally, if applicable to you, regardless of what art software you use. My tips and techniques aim to get you on your artistic journey arming you with the appropriate mindset to possess as well.

This Class Is For

  • Aspiring artists who want to create content for animation, Manga, and most forms of sequential arts.
  • Who seek to build a solid foundation to build on to draw whatever they want confidently, especially anime characters in dynamic poses.
  • Those of you who want to build confidence in your linework, creativity, enthusiasm, and speed when you draw
  • A fan of anime or Manga

Class Takeaways

  • Equipped to draw characters in any pose they desire
  • More robust method of using references to improve their art skills
  • Draw faster and find the most effective way to practice that's unique to them

Class Requirements

  • In this class, Clip Studio Paint EX Ver.1.10.6 will be used primarily and Photoshop CC 20.0.6 for the more digital oriented lessons, but you can use different version or different digital drawing tools like Procreate, Paint Tool SAI, and more. Mechanical Pencils, Sakura Micron Inking pens, paper, and erasers will be used as well.
  • For more information on Clip Studio Paint, please visit here and on Photoshop, please visit here.
  • Students will have to purchase the digital drawing tools. It is not included in the course package.





Understand the Basics


Foreshortening and Perspective


Adding Details and Dynamism to Manga


Dynamic Anime Style Coloring


Make Smart and Dynamic Choices


It will Take time...


Post Credit Scenes




Whyt Manga

Whyt Manga

I am Odunze Oguguo, a Nigerian artist and the creator of the published manga series Apple Black, with multiple volumes released worldwide. I'm also an online content creator with a large following as "Whyt Manga." As one of the co-founders of MyFutprint Entertainment, LLC, and a central figure in developing its brands like Saturday AM, I found time to achieve personal milestones. I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a bachelor's degree in Fine arts and a minor in computer science. I later graduated with a Master's degree in fine arts from the same university with a degree in visual communication design.










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