About the class

Hello, I'm a 'serious' skin stylist [Min Shua] who is' serious' about skin and is' unusual '.

I am currently working as a skin evangelist by sharing all the methods and know-how I have taken care of so that many people can improve their skin through Instagram and YouTube channels.

We do not accept any brand sponsorships, advertisements, or simple gifts because we sincerely want to help with skin changes, and in this class, we provide skin solutions that can be transformed with “tips unique to Minshua” rather than changing the skin with products.

I'll show you the “before and after of Minshua's skin” that I experienced firsthand, when my body was damaged as a result of pregnancy and childbirth.

It's my skin without correction that makes it look naked. I'm afraid you might be wondering if I got any better after the treatment, but first, I've never been to a dermatologist except for the 10 points I went to!

Skin is really difficult, isn't it? No matter how many good products I apply, my skin only gets worse... You can't figure out how to recover, right?

If I knew how to choose the right cosmetics for me!

If I knew my skin's problems well and knew how to solve them properly!

If I knew how to take care of my skin at home without going to a dermatologist!

The effect of taking a class

  • You will learn in depth about various problems and skin problems such as pimples, flat eye warts, pimples, and purulent acne, and learn about home care that can be applied to real life right now.
  • You'll correct misconceptions about skin and learn effective skin care methods with proper cleansing methods.
  • You will learn the key points of lymphatic massage, which is bound to improve skin, and brace massage, which is bound to change the shape of the face.
  • Check the cosmetics on my dressing table I'll tell you how to determine which ingredients are bad for your skin. (Don't believe all the cosmetics ads that pop up on social media anymore!)
  • I'll tell you how to tell the difference between foods for our skin and foods to avoid. Eating is also a very important factor in keeping your skin healthy from the inside out. It's important to make a healthy self by improving not only the outside of my skin but also the inside.

What makes this class special

  • Even if you don't go to a dermatologist Your skin is bound to improve, and we'll help you with the basic tasks of building an environment where your skin can work on its own, even at home.
  • You can learn how to lose weight and become healthy by continuing to massage for skin care.
  • We aim to make skin cells healthy. Skin cannot be changed by “skincare” alone. The belief that it makes the inside of the body healthy for the surface of the skin will definitely improve the skin.

My husband also took care of me, so I went from having this troubled skin to healthy skin!

Recommended course

  • Those who want to get rid of skin problems such as pimples, flat warts, pityriasis versicolor, purulent acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and rat milk and change to healthy skin
  • Those who have facial problems other than skin such as double chin, nasolabial folds, swelling, cheekbones, etc.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their skin but doesn't get better no matter what they do, and doesn't know what to start
  • A person whose skin remained the same even though they went to all kinds of fascinating social media cosmetics advertisements every time
  • People who are worried about taking off their masks even though the coronavirus is over
  • Above all, anyone whose self-esteem has dropped too much because of their current skin

We'll be your first step in taking a step towards better skin.

Let's meet in class!

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Hallo I'm Minshua, a skin healer. 🙋🏻‍♀️

I make it possible for you to properly care for your skin skin healerI want to be!

I was confronted with my body, skin, and mind being destroyed during pregnancy and childbirth.

I was really afraid of the whole of me coming at me without a hole to escape. At that time, my mother, who has been specializing in skin esthetics for 13 years, acted as a great helper for me and told me that in order to protect the skin, I need to look inside my body to make a difference in my skin.

That's when my life began to change.

Therefore, I know very well your dark mind and the feeling of not being able to recover because my body is damaged because of poor skin. I know that feeling so well that I want to help improve my skin, and my dream is to open an offline place named after Minshua to help me in various ways later. I hope your skin will be brighter and healthier through my classes.

I'll hold your hands to the end and keep going. Let's go together.




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