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About the class

Only the scoliosis most commonly seen in modern people! As the balance of the spine is out of balance, it is necessary to do exercises specific to the spine. Keischloss is the only Schroth best practice program in Korea run by Dr. Hans Rudolf Weiss from Germany, which is based on SOSORT's guidelines and specializes in teaching exercises specific to the spine. This class is designed so that even ordinary people who have not experienced Schroth can easily understand the condition of their spine and continue to do customized spinal exercises. Follow the know-how of Director Son Se-ah of Keishroth and find spinal exercises that your spine loves at home.

Course effect

  • You can feel changes in your body by repeating Schroth's basic movements.
  • You can check your posture and find the right posture.
  • You can learn about scoliosis in general and exercises for each symptom.

Recommended target

  • People who usually think that my posture isn't good
  • People who thought my body was asymmetrical
  • People who only have scoliosis and wanted to do side exercises

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ Schroth, the best spinal exercise for the spine!

Schroth, the spine's favorite exercise! I will tell you about the Schroth methods that I have learned over the years under CEO Lee Sang-gil of Keishroth, who is a master of scoliosis. Scoliosis is difficult to access easily because it requires checking, understanding, and exercising from various aspects. This is a beginner's eye level course that anyone can understand so that you can easily follow this section at home. If you follow along, you'll be able to see how you've changed.

❷ Includes science-based movements.

The movement of scoliosis differs depending on the classification of scoliosis. If you take this class, it will recognize your spine classification and guide you in selecting the appropriate exercise, and you can feel the change if you take a picture of yourself exercising and compare it with the class. After learning how to exercise with Keischloss's Schloss There are clinical trials where the results before and after were different. You can experience spinal movement only through scientific evidence and papers rather than just doing exercises with your own thoughts.



Seah Son

Seah Son

Hello, I'm Son Se-ah, the creator.

While working as a Pilates instructor, I met a member with only scoliosis, but I couldn't figure out where and how to teach exercises, so I took Schroth training, an exercise specialized in scoliosis only. Then I became more and more interested in scoliosis alone, and I am currently working as the head office director of Keishroth (Scoliosis Specialized Exercise Center).

When I consulted with people with scoliosis, there were more people who exercised the wrong way than I expected, and in the case of growing people, the angle suddenly deteriorated, so I decided to open a class in Class 101 because I wanted to know more correctly about scoliosis and exercise. I have organized a course on scoliosis that is easy to access, and I hope my lectures will be helpful to many people. Thank you



케이_슈로스 티비KTV

케이_슈로스 티비KTV

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