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1 Class Projects

It takes about 5 weeks to complete one class project.

  • My own independent publication

Skills You’ll Learn

Choose your own topic

Let's choose a theme similar to mine and plan together

Refine content

It's the turn of the content that goes inside! Let's make a good selection of what kind of content to include

InDesign core tips

Create in-design covers and pamphlets with only the content needed for beginners.

Design refinement and printing shop

Let's take a look at what to prepare when visiting a printing shop and the principles of printing.

Of the book

The first step to publishing, distribution marketing!

How should I sell my books? Let's learn about distribution and marketing.

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About the class

I've always dreamed of making my own book. Do you think that would be too difficult? Or are you worried that no one will buy it if you make it? Let's make a book with me, a veteran independent publisher. We will share tips on how to create your own independent publication that readers can immerse themselves in and that they can also be satisfied with.

Independent publishing is a platform where anyone can create their own books. You too are a writer from the moment you take this class. Let's make a great book together with the writers.

Course effect

  • Learn about the overall process of independent publishing
  • I can turn an article I've been writing into a book
  • You can directly perform the practical courses required for publication one by one
  • In addition to writing, you can learn courses such as covers and marketing

Recommended target

  • People who want to make books with their favorite things
  • People who need new motivation due to boredom in their daily lives
  • People who want to raise their self-esteem through creativity
  • People who want to create and publish books with their own writing

Notes before taking the course

  • This course uses Adobe InDesign software.
  • * You must download and prepare the above programs separately to be able to take the course smoothly.

What makes this class special

Tailored courses for pro abandoners who give up quickly

A to Z tips from a veteran independent publisher

Have you taken independent publishing courses many times, but haven't you been able to take them to the end? Or did your schedule get messed up, and you gave up because you were exhausted? If you listen to 30 minutes to 1 hour of lectures with me every day, you'll be able to experience the creation of a book before you know it. Let's listen to 25 lessons, one a day at a time.

This is a bookmaking class that focuses on independent publishing production. If you listen to one course a day, the curriculum will take place where the book will be completed 5 weeks later. If you've always made up your mind to make a book but always fail due to laziness, take this class and feel the instructor's prompting and finishing right next to you. After 5 weeks of exhaustion, you'll be able to find your own book.

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Course introduction


Independent Publishing Project 1


Independent Publishing Project 2


Independent Publishing Design 1


Independent Publishing Design 2


Independent publishing distribution marketing


Hallo I'm Ko Seong-bae, the editor-in-chief of The Ku, an independent magazine.

Photo source: BIG ISSUE (BIG ISSUE)

Since 2016 Independent magazine THE KOOH (THE KOOH)has been published.

Since then, I have been producing books related to various virtues and archiving, and I am conducting offline book making classes under the slogan that anyone can make a book. I'm devoting myself to making a book by collecting useless things.


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