Skills You’ll Learn

Many ways to earn money online after work

We'll tell you all the different side jobs you can do online after work today.

How to use basic design tools

Learn how to use the most basic design tools needed for an online side job.

How to analyze keywords

Learn how to analyze the search terms (keywords) needed for an online side job.

Stock Review Act

Learn how to analyze small stock investment items in Forial.

*** The classes of the expert matching platform 'Soomgo' will be revealed exclusively on CLASS101+. ***

About the class

Get away from the uneasy and uneasy everyday life of only looking at payday,
How good would it be if money came in every day from various channels?

In an age where everything but salary is rising, should we only wear a belt? Even now, someone earns money online after work.

I saw many foreign cars walking around on the road, and I heard people around me talk like this.

“What did everyone earn money by riding foreign cars like this?”

In fact, many young people drive luxury foreign cars these days. Someone “That must all be capped!” They criticize it, but among them, it's not gold, it's not crazy, and I don't ride a foreign car because I'm really It's also true that there are more and more “Young & Rich” people who make good money.

Well then 'Young & Rich', In other words, people who live a rich life at a young age say, “How can I do it faster than others Did they gain financial freedom? Did you get rich by saving your salary and looking for savings with high interest rates in a novel way? Or did they become rich by finding another side job or a way to get rich without relying only on salary?

I think you know the answer yourself. How to make income other than salary after work, it's not that difficult. I just found it a little earlier than the others. Ways to create various side jobs and assets for office workers, all are open to the public in this class.

Course effect

  • Even office workers who want to make a profit from a side job but don't know what to do, and housewives who aren't familiar with online can easily get started
  • You can learn everything from design tools necessary for an online side job to keyword analysis
  • YouTube, Naver blog, T-Story profitable blog, PDF e-book sales, online lectures, stock investment, side jobs that make money right away It deals with various side jobs, etc., so you can find a side job profit pipeline that suits you
  • If you gradually increase your sideline pipeline, you can move on to becoming an online entrepreneur who earns a monthly salary

Recommended target

  • Workers in need of a side job who feel that salary alone is not enough
  • Housewives who want to make money in their spare time at home
  • Beginners who say there are many ways to make money online but don't know where to start
  • Those who are working hard on social media (SNS) but are worried about not being able to make money

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ Disclose the actual income

How many days, where will the money go, and how many days will the credit card price go out... Do you only remember the date the money went out? Now Live a life where the number of days money comes in continues to increase.

When my colleagues at work were just waiting for their paychecks, money came into my bank account periodically from various sources. Various This is because they have increased their revenue pipeline through online side jobs. On the 5th, profit from here, on the 12th, money to be settled from there, and on the 20th, income from a side job done last month! Experience a life where you can freely live what you want by focusing on earning more. Wondering how much you can earn? I will disclose my earnings as they are.

Disclosure of monthly income statements (June 2020)

  • Earnings from online e-book sales : June 5:950,000 won, June 10:1.1 million won, June 16:1.1 million won, June 25:930,000 won
  • Earnings on small stock investments: June 1 to June 30 : 290,000 won (investment fund 1.5 million won)
  • YouTube ad revenue : June 20:4.5 million won
  • SNS branded content revenue : June 25:1.74 million won
  • Company salary : July 3:3.59 million won

If your balance seems to be shrinking, imagine your daily life where money comes in quickly through various channels

❸ Beginner-level online side jobs, everything included.

I'll teach you all the most entry-level online side jobs an office worker can start. After taking all of these classes, Not only will you be able to generate revenue in a small way, but you will also be able to develop further and become an online entrepreneur who earns other people's salaries in a month while freely using your time like me.. There are already a lot of people like that in our community!

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4 Real

4 Real

Online small business coach and entrepreneur, Forreal It is.

We have a net profit of more than 500 million per year through more than 10 revenue pipelines, and are active as a business creator with more than 200,000 subscribers/followers/neighbors.

I hated being poor enough to die, so I dreamed of becoming a businessman. I started my first business in my life at age 26, opened more than 50 franchise stores in 2 years, and experienced annual sales of 2 billion won. I thought my life would be successful, but since I started a business as a college student with no money, I withdrew from the company due to an equity conflict as a result of increasing capital through external investment funds.

At the age of 29, my bank account balance was only 200,000 won, and as a result of working life and death for 3 years, I literally became empty. In May 2019, I created a YouTube “Forreal” channel and started growing the channel with 0 subscribers. I introduced various online side jobs such as chauffeur, courier service, and quick delivery, and experienced profit by creating content and trying them out myself.

In the process, I received an offer from a scout and worked for 8 months, and I was able to earn more than 10 million won per month by combining my work life with a side job. I started out of thin air in May 2019, and my life changed 180 degrees in just 2 years.

I was able to go from being a young entrepreneur to being a sideline creator through an empty job, and becoming a small business coach who helped start an online small business through a side job lecturer.

Currently, I run an online education company with an annual net profit of 500 million won, and I also run several small businesses with monthly sales of 10 million won or more.

We'll work with you to increase your revenue pipeline.




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