About the class

“My sister doesn't want to go on a diet, what should I do? Hmm”

“I have to go on a trip soon, so I want to hurry, please give me some tips!”

“There are so many nutritional supplements that I don't know what to eat, what does Ju Yang eat?”

The questions that are always piled up in her social media messages are actually information that everyone is curious about, aren't they?

She'll tell you all the A to Z of before, during, and after a diet you've always wanted to know through her own vivid experience!

Not only diet and exercise tips for each diet period, but also supplement recommendations, up to 10 minutes a day at home (real time)! How about getting a “body for life” this summer with this class that contains all the information you need for a diet?

Course effect

  • From dieters to maintainers, you can learn how to successfully manage your body.
  • You can learn about diet methods tailored to each situation, such as those in a hurry, preparing for a body profile/competition, and office workers who find it difficult to do their own diet and exercise.
  • You can learn how to change your body by investing 10 minutes a day.
  • You can get answers to diet/health-related questions you've always been curious about from Juyang.

Recommended target

  • Pro Gakshim Samler who repeats “Start a Diet Tomorrow” for the nth time
  • People who are curious about the diet method that suits their situation
  • Dieters who want to get through periods of stagnation and retention

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ Teach diet methods tailored to each theme/situation

There is a difference between a diet for a body profile and a diet for a sustainable diet, and a diet for a quick steamed baby is different from a diet for office workers. You can check what you've learned and know-how from experiencing all of this firsthand.

❷ Get in shape at home

We have captured effective homes in real time that can be done even in a house that Ju Yang has created himself. Get in shape quickly and efficiently while exercising with Ju Yang.

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Before the diet


Theme/context-specific diets


Condenser and maintainer


10 minutes of home time per day (real-time)


Q & A


Congratulations on your stubbornness.




Q. Please introduce Ju Yang!

Hello, I'm Kim Ju-yeon, a professional N-jobber in the 20s of this era. Many people usually only know me as a trainer or creator, but I do various things such as running a clothing shopping mall that gave me an apartment in Seoul at the age of 25, working as a model on YouTube, working as a model, and doing social media markets. The only thing I don't let go of while doing all of this work is “management.” I am so honored to be in front of my classmates in Class 101 with my management secrets that are as important as work. I will continue to do my best to become Kim Ju-yeon who can have a positive influence in the future!

Q. What led you to create the class?

I thought a lot about “It's so easy for me to diet, why is it difficult for everyone, and why am I special?” I started going to fitness competitions every year as a hobby in 2019, and my professional and focused diet and exercise naturally gave me a variety of knowledge and experience. I was confused and difficult at first, but I think I didn't get lost for a long time because there was someone right next to me through PT. I also want to be a guide for my classmates to take shortcuts with my own experiences.

There are so many diet methods in the world, and we already know so many things, but we're still struggling. I also know various diet methods, so now I don't watch videos about individual diet methods. I usually look for videos where I can gain knowledge, such as doctors talking about our bodies, pharmacists talking about nutritional supplements, and nutrition professors talking about the role of nutrients.

I'm a person who thinks that you can have a smarter diet only by systematically calculating and eating carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and then observing changes in your body and getting to know them little by little. Just as if you want to count, you have to know numbers first, if you want to diet, you have to know your body and basic nutritional components and then use finesse. So I wanted to teach you more basic, unsophisticated management methods. And even more so because it's clear.

Seeing DMs on Instagram made me feel even more convinced that I should create a class. If I had to choose between exercise and diet for my sister, what should I do? The diet is so difficult, how can she put up with it? Do you exercise during your period? How do you put up with sweet foods during menstruation? Is it effective to ride an empty cycle for only 10 minutes? Can I eat beef ribs instead of chicken breast? Is there a way to lose weight without diet management and exercise? Please tell me about exercise, diet routines, etc... I may be asking this because I don't know, but I thought it might be a question for me.

My mind is always the same. The reason I gained 13 kg was because I wanted to show that I was the same person who gained weight, and the reason I lost 13 kg in 3 weeks was because I wanted to see me, challenge myself with hope, and live a new life that is healthy both physically and mentally.

It was a very meaningful time because it was broken down into 20 lessons and it was a time for me to look back on my successful experiences and know-how. I hope it will be a class where many people can spend precious time without taking even one step in vain! Thank you




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