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Are you visiting or living in Korea and need a practical Korean class to learn the expressions you can use immediately? This class is for you: a Korean conversation kit made by a college-level and online Korean teacher.

There are four classes for Korean Conversation Kit as a series: self-introduction, giving directions and navigating transportation, ordering food and shopping, home search and repair which you will learn through simulated dialogue, grammar and vocabulary explanation, pattern practice, and culture or travel tips.

This first class in the series will teach you expressions to make Korean friends: introducing names, where you are from, and purpose of your visit as well as requesting friends on social media and asking Korean native speakers to slow down or repeat. This class is recommended for anyone who has learned the Korean alphabet and the very basic sentence structure. I will guide you through step-by-step explanation and pattern practice to prepare you for your first interactions with Korean native speakers, so beginners will be able to follow along and learn the first conversation initiators!


Through learning Korean language expressions, you will also learn diverse cultural knowledge that you have to know to communicate properly with Koreans. Each lesson includes essential cultural tips or practical travel tips for you to use while you navigate Korea.


  • You will be able to ask and answer essential questions for commonly occurring conversations you will encounter in Korea.
  • You will gain important cultural knowledge including but not limited to Korean address terms and housing culture to properly communicate with others in Korea.
  • You will also learn practical tips to navigate daily activities in Korea including public transportation, restaurant etiquette, and home repair.


  • People who are or will be visiting, working, or living in Korea for both short and long term
  • Korean learners looking for lessons to learn practical conversation starters for daily usage
  • Beginners who learned the Korean alphabet, which is 한글, and simple Korean sentence structure


  • You will have to know how to read the Korean alphabet, which is 한글, and the basic grammar such as simple sentence structure in present and past tenses.
  • Prepare a notebook and take notes so that you can use the provided class notes along with your own notes.


There are four classes for the Korean Conversation Kit series. Depending on your needs, you can choose to take some of them or decide the order among the four classes. If you don't have any preference, you can take the classes in the order that I recommend:


❶ Practical Guide

for Korean Learners

This class is a practical guide that immerses students in real-world examples with simulated dialogue. In addition, you will learn the fundamental grammar, vocabulary, and culture in the dialogue to build the foundation for Korean language learning, beyond simple memorization of the phrases.



❷ Full of Expertise

from a Korean Linguist with a Ph.D.

I am not only a college-level Korean instructor but also a Korean linguist with a Ph.D. degree in Korean linguistics. Recently, I have been creating online Korean language contents on YouTube and Instagram and teaching online group courses. It’s always been my goal as a teacher to blend the Korean linguistic knowledge that is essential to understand the language into my teaching in an easy and understandable way. I designed this class to be fun and easy but also packed with information.

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Korean Jream

Korean Jream

Korean Jream

a Korean Linguist with a Ph.D.

Korean Language Learning Contents Creator

I am a Korean teacher and a linguist. After 8 years of teaching Korean at U.S. universities, I began my online teaching journey on Instagram and YouTube as 'Korean Jream'. I majored in Korean linguistics and Korean language education for my Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. which shaped my teaching style. My goal has always been blending the linguistic knowledge in my teaching in an easy way to help students see the rationale behind the expression they are learning so that they can build the strong foundation for Korean learning.

With my students at the Pennsylvania State University

Teaching Experiences

Princeton University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

Current Work

YouTube ‘Korean Jream'

Instagram @koreanjream_koreanteacher

Education backgrounds

Ph.D. East Asian Languages and Literature (Korean linguistics), University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

M.A. Second Language Studies (Korean as a second language), University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

B.A. Korean Linguistics and Literature, Seoul National University

I have always been a language and culture lover, and my experience of learning English as an exchange student in the U.S. ignited my passion for language teaching and living with people from different cultures. That is how my journey as a Korean language teacher began, and I am now living the life I dreamed of. I am surrounded by people from different backgrounds as a foreign language teacher who is living abroad. I feel honored to be part of people's Korean learning journey to speaking the Korean of their Jream!



Korean Jream

Korean Jream

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