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About the class

Learn various ways to monetize using music. This is a class about music content with the highest return compared to a small investment of time among all content on YouTube.

Course effect

  • Learn about copyright on YouTube and music in general.

  • Learn about various revenue generation models through channel branding.

  • As an artist, you will learn how to strengthen your branding and generate revenue using it.

  • You'll learn most things about making music videos on YouTube.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to learn how to make money with music

  • Ordinary people who don't know how to play music who invest a small amount of time as a side job and aim for a lot of profit

  • Those who want to learn the latest ways to monetize their music and artist branding

Pre-course notes

  • This class contains information on how to monetize music in general, and if you refer to the special appendix, even ordinary people who don't know how to do music can generate revenue through music. Through this, they learn about the trade secrets of companies that generate revenue, and it contains information that even ordinary people who don't know how to play music can do business through music.

What makes this class special

This class is the first music monetization course in Korea. Many music YouTubers wanted to publish music monetization courses, but were rejected due to many issues such as copyright. In other words, it's not a course that anyone can do. That's why I made it. I was the first music composer in Korea to receive a gold button, and by learning firsthand my know-how of maintaining the number one number of music composer subscribers in Korea from 2019 to 2023, you will be able to learn the latest ways to generate revenue through music. If you play music and don't know what's included in this course, you'll have no choice but to rely on your company or others. This is a lecture explaining my experience of being able to earn more than 1 billion units on my own in a short period of time without being dependent on others.




I'm Tido Kang (Shido Kang), a composer and music creator running the channel with the highest number of YouTube subscribers in Korea in the field of composing music creators from 2019 to 2023.

As I became famous for my creative music activities without help from companies, entertainment, MCN, etc., companies, many music YouTubers, majors, and professional musicians have taken me as a benchmark and role model, so many people are curious about my know-how through emails and friends. Also, I received suggestions for college courses for my students from music-related professors such as the Department of Practical Music, but they also run a YouTube channel without disclosing their appearance, and I was worried about not being able to let everyone know, so I started this course.

I'll show you how I'm developing while dreaming of being the best creator in Korea.

Tido Kang

Tido Kang

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