2 Class Projects

It takes about 60 minutes to complete one class project.

  • Illustration of an apple

  • Illustration of a girl

Skills You’ll Learn

The mechanism of color in digital illustrations

Learn basic color mechanisms that you should know at least

How to paint and layer colors

Learn how to paint colors through painting simple motifs

A short intensive lesson on “color”! Let's acquire the minimum basic knowledge you need to know through lectures and practice

Learn the basics of colors and color schemes for digital illustrations from illustrator Shikida, a former designer who says “I love colors.” Enjoy a 60-minute class that condenses the basic knowledge you want to keep to a minimum and basic coloring methods!

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • You can learn the basics of “color”
  • “Painting” becomes fun

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who are about to start digital illustration
  • Beginners who have trouble choosing colors
  • Intermediate people who want to freely find their own unique use of colors

When you take the course

In the class, creators use the paid illustration creation software “SAI,” but even those who use other illustration production software can take the course without problems.

Two reasons why this class is so special

①You can learn the basics of color and “how to enjoy it” from creator Shikida, who freely manipulates colors

② For those who feel “I want to learn more from this creator” after watching, there is content where you can learn more deeply

For those who feel that they “want to know more or learn” about the theme of the class, we have prepared content that allows them to learn more deeply and thoroughly. Please absorb the creators' skills, know-how, and ways of thinking through more serious lessons.

For those who want to learn more

Fascinating with its color and beautiful curves! Digital illustration of a beautiful girl”

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Let's learn how colors work





Focusing on drawing illustrations for music MVs, I develop collaborative goods with companies and sell original apparel goods by individuals.

● Biography

I majored in fashion design in high school. After graduating from high school, I majored in the graphic design field at a vocational school in Osaka. After graduating from a vocational school, I experienced a design job for a moment, then moved to Chiba prefecture and switched to the hospitality industry. Currently, I have returned to my hometown, Fukui Prefecture, and while working part-time on a farm, I am working as an illustrator making use of the experiences I have learned in various fields.


・Sega x PixivFactory collaboration <Creator's Crane> participated. Can badges with illustrations will be sold as prizes for crane games (2021)

・Many illustrations drawn for VOCALOID music MVs have been provided (2020 to present) /zzz inc.

・ Original sticker illustration drawing for sale (2020)

・Responsible for Pantassia-sama MV illustration for 2022/2/3

・Contest hosted by KEIVI “Gals Only Win Exhibition in LUMINE EST SHINJUKU Winner/Illustrations drawn for the Vocaloid Music MV




SupportOffice hours: M-F 10:00-16:00 (KST)
1201 North Market St. Suite 111, Wilmington, DE, 19801