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1 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • How to create a composition

Skills You’ll Learn

How to draw illustrations using photographs

Learn the way to draw illustrations by using a photograph as an underlay

The basics of “composition”

Learn the basics of composition that will be useful for future illustration activities

What are the basics of composition and how to draw based on photographs? Create a cute world view with Procreate

You will learn basic knowledge about “composition” common to photographs and illustrations, and how to draw illustrations based on photographs.

Know-how useful for those who are about to start illustrating and those who want to improve the quality of their illustrations is tightly packed in a short time of 60 minutes.

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • You will understand the basics of “composition”
  • You will understand how to draw illustrations based on photographs

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who want to start illustrating
  • Those who want to draw landscape and background illustrations
  • Those who want to learn about stable “composition”

When you take the course

In the class, the creator use the paid illustration creation software “Procreate.”

Two reasons why this class is so special

①You can understand the basics of “composition” useful for future illustration activities + how to draw an illustration using a photograph as an underpinning

Do you think it's difficult to draw digital illustrations?

Certainly, in order to be able to draw good illustrations from scratch, various techniques, knowledge, and practice are necessary. However, anyone can get closer to the world they want to express with the “use of photographs to draw illustrations” methods such as those introduced in this class.

②For those who feel “I want to learn more from this creator” after watching, there is content where you can learn more deeply

For those who feel that they “want to know more or learn” about the theme of the class, we have prepared content that allows them to learn more deeply and thoroughly. Please absorb the creators' skills, know-how, and ways of thinking through more serious lessons.

For those who want to learn more

Create a cute world view with Procreate -How to draw, design, and communicate-”



Ansai Kimura

Ansai Kimura

Illustrator, designer

Born in Fukushima. I like cute things. Cute is invincible. I want to help you to create your own cuteness with designs and illustrations.

ILLUTRATION 2022 published. Singer "Perfume" is my emotional support.





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