4 chapters · 4 hours 3 minutes
Audio Japanese

Clip Studio Paint
2 Class Projects

It takes about 2 hours to 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • character ①

  • character ②

Skills You’ll Learn

Fundamentals of character design

Learn the basics of character design and create your own original character.

How to design unique characters

We will focus on making a variety of characters while drawing girls.

How to choose a color scheme that suits your character

You can learn color schemes related to character impressions and well-balanced color schemes.

A must-see for those aiming to become professionals! Solidify the foundation of Character design

This is an online digital illustration course which you can learn basic of character design from light novel illustrator.

You can learn how to design a variety of characters according to the theme and how to create a coherent color scheme.

You can get used to character design by thinking about and designing the character's upper body together with the creator.

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • How to make a character with the theme
  • How to use a color scheme that matches the character's impression
  • How to come up with character design ideas

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who are interested in character design
  • Those who want to create original characters
  • Those who want to try making various characters

When you take the course

  • “Clip Studio Paint” is used in this course, but since designing characters is the main thing, it's OK to use other paint software.

*This video was created based on information as of 2023/5.

What makes this class so special

Light novel illustrators teach the basics of character design

This is a class where you can learn character design from a creator who draw various characters separately with light novel illustrations. By learning the basics and thinking about characters together according to the theme, you will be able to create your own original character.



Kotora Hu

Kotora Hu

freelance illustrator

Nice to meet you, I'm Kotora Hu, an illustrator.

In this class, I'll talk about basic character design methods based on the experiences I've drawn so far, and I'm going to create characters together based on that.

“I don't know how to design characters”

“I want to make my own original character”

I hope it can be used as a hint for those who say that.

This is the first step in character design, so this time I'm going to design the character's upper body according to the theme.

First, let's feel free to create characters together!


◆ light novel

・ “Pushing it didn't work, so I decided to try pulling it.”

・ “The Villain Daughter Who Woke Up in Jail Doesn't Want to Die ~ Once She Avoided Execution, What She Was Waiting For Was Doting ~”

・ “My husband just passed away, but I'm not allowed to get back together with the Crown Prince!”

・ “The Treasurer of the Knights ~ I, a former accountant OL, have decided to hold the Knights Templar's wallet ~” etc.

◆ character design

・V driver “Shukugi Rikka”

・V driver “Suzumiya Ko”

・Vtuver “Meika Meido”

◆ Trading card game

“Z/X” EX Pack Vol.27 “Welcome to Dragon Casino!” From “Trump Card of Fate: Realm Razor”

◆ comics

Alphapolis official original comic “Misaki Kidono made a contract with an angel and a devil” short intensive series





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