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Hello! This is Anna's Trip Em Chae-yeon.

I used to live in a flea market, bakery manager, and moldy Koshiwon Now I'm an influencer who earns 17 million won per month through social media.

Isn't it only possible for special people?
It's not.
With me, you can do it too ^^

🙋‍♀️ All of these people are welcome to come!!

✔ People who are constantly on social media, such as blogging, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok

✔ Those who want to make an online profit as much as their salary with their own content

✔ Those who want to monetize their own virtues such as restaurants, sports, travel, parenting, and financial technology

✔ Those who want to take the initiative to plan and act on their own lives

✔ Those who want to try a side job that earns 2 million won per month with 500 followers

“The average monthly income is over 10 million won!

This is enough to be called an online building owner, right?”

9.86 million won > 17.6 million won” >

▶ 7.1 million won per month>9.86 million won >17.6 million won

Real estate and financial technology are always on fire even for young people in 2030.

However, real estate must be invested in with a large sum of money!

What should we do if we don't have money yet?

This is the way to become an online building owner. You can even start without an initial investment, and it's a risk-free method even if you fail ^^ Why haven't you done this good thing yet? I'll share all of my know-how and secrets; it's a shortcut to becoming an online building owner! All you have to do is just walk 😊

🏢 Anyone can become an online building owner!

  1. Turn your story into content (find strong content)
  2. Understanding public consumption sentiment and trends
  3. Learn 10 minutes to make videos you'll use for a lifetime
  4. Find your story and a great social media platform (compare the pros and cons of each platform)
  5. Strategy/planning book to get ads even if you have 500 followers
  6. The mindset that social media rent doesn't dry up

“An easy way to make money with social media!

It's easy! It's fun! I earn money too!”

When I talk about the word “personal branding,” many people think that it has nothing to do with me. Of course I did too. But that wasn't a big deal! Anyone can get started if they have a field they like or are interested in, such as preparing for a job, parenting, financial technology, diet, restaurants, etc. Wouldn't it be easy and fun to get started if there was a way to earn money while being virtuous to social media?

Even if you don't have a great and special story, if you have the ability to unravel it with your own story, you can process it with your own strong content. In fact, just looking for this will increase your satisfaction with life in the future as you go to work. It's a way to make the imagination of receiving as much additional income as salary in addition to salary come true ^^

While making money with social media
The best thing

✍️ Since I work outside of the company, I don't have to commute to work.

✍️ No matter what kind of achievement you achieve, it all becomes a cheat key that increases the value of your name.

✍️ No boss notices I plan and act on everything.

✍️ You can try to implement any idea.

Why is that? Because social media doesn't require capital.

So if I fail, I learn; if I succeed, I make a profit ^^

“Student income is growing day by day!

1.7 million won > 4 million won > 5.7 million won”

1달 후 약 400만원

▶ About 4 million won after 1 month

▶ Sales list

How do you generate income through content? In this class, I'll teach you how to become a micro influencer who can get ads even if you have 500 followers. You don't have to have a lot of followers to get ads. Right now, you too can become an advertised influencer ^^

Take my course and feel confident that you can do it too through examples of actually making a profit and growing day by day:)

🥇 A housewife who only raised children became an economic/financial influencer!

🥇 Not a fun diet! Earn money and lose weight by sharing information!

수강생 후기

▶ Student reviews

“Never dries

Designing a social media rent pipeline”

When we harvest crops from these cultivated fields, a mindset is essential to execute what I have planned without getting tired! Stop before too many people have done everything and harvested the crops. I've seen a lot of that process, so I'll also share my mindset know-how for a social media rent pipeline that doesn't dry up. It's a really important part, so don't let go and follow along until the end!

“A day full of exciting things I want to do

I hope you take the initiative to be happy in your life”

One day, when I woke up in the morning to go to work, I suddenly felt something like this.

“Why did you open your eyes? If I don't open my eyes, I'll be happy. '

I felt that my life was getting more and more devastated as I went to work and did what someone had to do. It was then that I painstakingly realized that it wasn't that I hated my job, but that I didn't like the work that someone had to do. Life wasn't happy.

As soon as I thought about it, I started investing time on social media. That's because it was the most stable and risk-free thing I could start without quitting the company right now.

I was able to work with a large company even if I had 500 followers, and when I had 1000, I went to buy tteokbokki and the clerk recognized me. And these follower numbers aren't as high as you might think. Maybe all of you who read this post also have this level of followers. Growing a channel is important, but in fact, there are plenty of ways to monetize even if it's not big.

You don't have to commute to work in the morning. I'm happy every day when I start a morning with my beloved dog. And the hurdles of this life aren't as high as you might think. Anyone can get started if they know how to do it.

Let's learn and absorb all of my know-how about how to eat and live outside of work on social media, and plan a life outside of work and a second life together! ^^ Let's meet in our class!

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🎖 Naver influencers in the economic sector

🎖 Over 20,000 followers on social media (blog, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.)

“Let's earn money by living like myself outside of the company!” I left the company saying. Over the next 2 to 3 years, I tried various things about how to create content that would value my name and raise the ransom price, and how I could use social media.

A life where you work less and earn a lot is possible with branding, content, and steaming fans! If you want to create a life of unity of virtue and a life of N times your salary by branding your own strong content, join Ana's Journey! I'll share all my knowledge and experience:)

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