3 chapters · 1 hours 3 minutes
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6 Class Projects

It takes about hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Home page

  • Things I want to do list page

  • Task Management Sheet page

  • Household account book page

  • Reading history page


Skills You’ll Learn

Basic operation of Notion

Learn the basic Notion operations you need to know at least

Create main pages from scratch with your own power

So that you can create your own pages with Notion, such as reading records and task management!

Arrangement methods that are not just simple

You'll be able to create your own Notion page that makes you feel better every time you look at it!

For super beginners, you can learn the basics of Notion from scratch!

Notion is an “all-in-one workspace for memos, tasks, wikis, and databases” that can be used on smartphones and computers.

In this class, I will slowly explain how to use Notion from the beginning!

While creating the basic “home screen,” “to-do list,” “task management,” “household account book,” “reading record,” and “monthly goal” pages, you will learn how to operate and arrange Notion's basic operations and arrangements.

After completing this class, you should be able to create the pages you want to create on your own!

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • From a zero state, you will be able to somehow create the pages you want to create by yourself
  • Use Notion to take your daily life to the next level
  • Learn tips for arranging Notion and be able to create pages of your own choice

Recommended classes for people like this

  • I want to start Notion, but I don't know what to start with
  • I was downloading Notion, but I was frustrated because I didn't know how to use it
  • I want to make life convenient and motivate myself with Notion
  • I want to create a page that's not just simple, I want to make my own favorite page

When you take the course

  • This class uses the functions as of 2023/5.
  • Notion itself can also be used on smartphones and tablets, but page creation assumes operation on a computer.

What makes this class so special

Even if you're a super beginner, no problem! I'll explain the basics from the beginning

I will slowly explain how to use Notion from the beginning.

So, it's OK for people who say “I tried to register, but I got frustrated because I didn't know how to use it...”!

If you look at this class, you'll be able to create your own pages using the basic functions of Notion.



Hello! It's Yu.

While working as an office worker, I post hints to enrich my life, mainly on Instagram.

I've been using Notion since before the Japanese version came out (around 2019), and task management, to-do lists, household budget management, etc. are indispensable now!

In order to convey the goodness of Notion to more people, we are also introducing Notion pages and distributing templates on Instagram and blogs.







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