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Hot these days chatGPT, Have you heard of it or tried it? Recently, it is rapidly emerging as an artificial intelligence chatbot that surpasses the Google search engine frequently used by many people. Changing the future search experience 180 degrees chatGPTBeyond the basic usage of, I will teach you how to recognize the work structure of AI and use services more effectively.

Results vary widely depending on how AI technology is used and utilized. I'll share an A-Z of automated process know-how that can be used effectively to obtain the required results according to my needs and circumstances.

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Course effect

  • chatGPTThe basic usage of and You can learn about communication know-how with AI chatbots.
  • Learn how to ideate and create content using AI technology.
  • chatGPT You can learn various automation methods and build the processes you want.
  • chatGPT You can learn about the question improvement process along with detailed use cases.

Recommended target

  • Those who are curious about AI technology but find it difficult to use it themselves
  • Those who want to know how AI services work and how to use them
  • Those who aim to improve work efficiency and efficiency through AI automation
  • Those who want to use AI services such as ChatGPT more effectively
  • Those who want to learn rapidly developing new IT technologies first and apply them to their lives

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What makes this class special

IT journalists use it for actual work chatGPT How to use

When I actually write articles, chatGPTWe are actively utilizing to improve work efficiency. In this way, I will share know-how that can be used not only at work but also in various ways by applying new AI technology to real life.

ChatGPT can be used by professionals and ordinary people alike. AI understands the context and meaning of user requests and grows constantly in line with shared conversations.

Until now, human competitiveness has depended on “how many things you know and can think by putting them together.” In the age of AI technology, a standard is added to this. Depending on the purpose you want, “How good are you at communicating with AI?”

Depending on how you use it, ChatGPT can be your best advisor. In the coming era of artificial intelligence, I am convinced that quickly understanding and applying ChatGPT to my life will be the first step in building an efficient system one step ahead. Your future with AI, the 'ChatGPT User Guide' will take that first step together.

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I believe that new technology will create a better world in the future.

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