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Skills You’ll Learn

How to create emoticons for free

I'll show you how to create emoticons with MediBang Paint.

How to make an Instatoon with emoticons

How to play Instatoon using the Canva program (free)

About the class

① What are the concerns of the students taking the creator's class?

“I'm a middle school student, can I earn pocket money by doing a side job?” , “What are ways for college students and office workers to earn money as a hobby?” There are many people who want to generate additional income other than fixed income. Or maybe you want to try a side job or make money with things you like, but you don't have time because you're busy with your main job (student, work day).

② How can students with these concerns get help in class?

You can learn how to efficiently generate additional income with just one 'emoji' in a busy daily life.

I'll show you how to cook and eat beef bones with just one emoji instead of an emoji that you apply for. I'll tell you that busy modern people who need to study and work can earn extra income quickly and efficiently.

You can receive all kinds of efficiency tips for busy people such as students and office workers.

③ Let's summarize the creator's class in 2 to 3 lines based on what we've written so far.

A secondary income pipeline using “emoticons” that even middle and high school students can create.

Extremely efficient production methods that even busy people can do

Course effect

What will you be teaching in class? (at least 3)

1. An efficient way to create emoticons

2. How to create an emoji to expand your additional income pipeline

3. How to make emoticons with as much time and money as possible

So what can students learn or get from the creator's class? (at least 3)

1. You can create emoticons efficiently.

2. You can try selling emoticons on multiple platforms.

2. You can create multiple additional revenue pipelines using emoticons.

Course effect image

  1. If students have any results to take after completing the class, please post 1 to 3 related photos.

  2. If there are no results, another image describing the class would be great.

Recommended classes

① Who are the students you'd like to recommend Creator's class to?

Middle and high school students who want to earn pocket money and college students and office workers who want to create an additional income pipeline in their busy daily lives

② What do students want to learn in class? Please fill out the form considering the situation and level of the students!

I think they'd like to learn how to use their time in their busy lives to create emoticons in the shortest possible period of time and monetize them by creating additional expansion items.

Middle and high school students may find it burdensome to spend on drawing or editing programs, so I think they would like to know how to create and use emoticons with free programs.

Also, I think they would like to know how to create emoticons and generate revenue with their own backgrounds and abilities. (For example, creating and monetizing emoticons related to favorite games or comics)

Notes before taking the course

① What should students prepare before attending the creator's class?

  1. Do I need any prior knowledge?

  2. Are there any programs or PC specs I need?

  3. If there are any programs or PC specifications you need, please also tell us about the creator's work environment.

1. It doesn't teach you how to draw in depth. I need to know how to draw emoticons.

2. iPad, MediBang program (free), laptop for editing

3. I'm using an iPad Pro 3.

n reasons why this class is special

Class differentiation

① What is special about the creator's class? Please answer any of the questions below. Feel free to ask anything other than your questions. (at least 2)

  1. What's unique about creators? (Credibility, proven teaching ability, successful experience)

  2. Is there anything special about the creator's curriculum? (originality, scarcity, organic, etc.)

  3. Are there any course reviews after taking the creator's online or offline courses?

  4. Are there any student benefits offered free of charge in the creator's class?

1. I earned pocket money by making my first emoji when I was in middle school. While working in various Internet communities, game communities, etc., I branded characters and earned income by making full use of community characteristics.

2. We plan to focus on additional income pipelines rather than drawing pictures, such as how to use emoticons created differently from other emoji classes, how to generate additional income, how to create emoticons efficiently, etc.

4. We will give you a free link to our self-developed emoticon creation tool platform.

② Have you ever created a class in Class101? If so, what are the differences compared to the previous class? (omit if not)

Class differentiation image

  1. If you have a picture of the creator working hard on a lecture or activity, please post it.

  2. If you have an image that can prove your review of the course, please post it. *Images with lots of text cannot be translated, so please write your review!

  3. If you have an image where students can get a glimpse of the curriculum, please attach it. (e.g. recipe examples, portfolio template images, etc.)

  4. If you have a physical image of the student benefits offered free of charge in the class, please post it.

  5. If you have any other photos related to the above, you may also attach them.





I'm Lee Atomic Carbon, an aspiring college student founder and Instagram writer who has fun doing everything they want to do.

While attending the Department of Industrial Engineering at university, I'm working on Instagram, knowledge business, and starting a business at the same time! Utilizing my major in programming, I am also creating various useful tools necessary for artistic activities.

I always like to associate my hobby with my business.

Even if it fails, “How can I commercialize this?”

“Can I make a profit in another way?” I think about things like that and create know-how.

They also try to solve anything efficiently and quickly, probably because of their hasty nature. Therefore, even when doing creative activities, I use newspapers as much as possible, and if I have repetitive tasks, I create my own methods and automate them! An example of automation is the “automatic emoji cutter” that you can use if you listen to this class. Additionally, there may be an “Instatoon > Webtoon Converter” or a “tool that automatically creates borders for emoticons.” (I used ProCreate, but creating a border was bothersome.)

I love proving myself.

I want people who see me to know what kind of person I am, why I have come to live with these values, etc. So these days, I'm trying to unravel stories from when I was a kid to the present in an episodic format through Instagram.

I hope my story will be a driving force for people to live a passionate and fun life:)



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