About the class

ChatGPT is more than just interactive artificial intelligence. ChatGPT is now advanced enough to replace the field of creativity that was previously thought of as a human field. I I can assure you For the eyes of the general public, it would be difficult to distinguish works completed by ChatGPT from human works.

How much faster and more convenient is it possible to create content using ChatGPT, which has evolved to the point where human creations can be replaced? Use ChatGPT to combine media content in this class While trying to make, you can feel the convenience for yourself!

Course effect

  • Even if you don't know how to use a video editing program, you can use ChatGPT to automatically create videos.
  • You can use ChatGPT's prompts to create a script or topic for a video.
  • With ChatGPT, you can create web pages without knowing coding.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to try ChatGPT and AI
  • Those who want to automatically complete SEO and coding using ChatGPT
  • Those who want to run YouTube and blogs with automated video

Pre-course notes

  • This class uses the Google Chrome browser.
  • This class uses macOS, but any OS that can use the Chrome browser can be used can practice in the same environment.
  • Only PCs can be used; mobile devices cannot be used.

3 reasons why this class is special

ChatGPT prompt provided

If you create random prompts, it is bound to be difficult to derive the desired outcome value from ChatGPT. Therefore, I will provide an example of the prompt I used so that I can quickly derive the desired outcome value. You'll be able to derive the desired result more easily and quickly by just changing the values in my prompt.

❷ Practical curriculum that anyone can quickly follow

All of the programs I use in this class have been selected and introduced as programs that are simple enough for anyone to use after using various programs myself.

Due to the nature of ChatGPT, it's easy to use if anyone can only enter a question. So if you take this class and don't need to study any further, elementary school students can follow along quickly if they take this class. We will try to make the content as easy to understand as possible.

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This is SEONG Park.

I'm a person who doesn't like inefficient work. So I created an automation program with my programming skills and used it. However, when I felt that even this was inefficient, a new ChatGPT appeared.

After learning and using ChatGPT, I was able to experience the tremendous usability firsthand. Since then, I'm now using ChatGPT in many places. I entrust everything that is simple or repetitive, that is, what is called nogada.

I'll share with you how I apply ChatGPT to my work.


Q. Is there anyone in particular who would recommend this class?

I would definitely recommend this course to office workers. Tasks that have to be done manually are repetitive, tedious, and even inefficient. Leave everything to ChatGPT from now on.

Q. After taking this class, how can I use it?

You can get answers all at once by asking ChatGPT for information that you previously had to find one by one, and you can easily translate foreign materials. Use ChatGPT for all your time-consuming tasks!

Q. Please tell us a few words about the creator!

Hello! I'm SEONG Park, currently a web developer. Other than web development, I'm interested in many new IT technologies. I'm particularly interested in AI, so I'm using ChatGPT a lot and applying it to my real life.

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