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Class introduction

Total 78 million Views “Strong but stretching”

Korea's No. 1 stretching Kang Hana stretching edition will be released in 2023.

Strong or stretching? , “There are people who have never tried it, but no one has done it only once.”

Hello, Stretching Master is a strong 700,000 workout YouTuber.

I'm sharing all of the latest revised pain relief exercise routines for 2023, where I've been in the same shape for over 20 years.

💥 Do you suffer from musculoskeletal pain?

💥 Do you suffer from neck and shoulder fatigue?

💥 Are your wrists sore and uncomfortable?

Just invest 15 minutes a day!

That river one will solve your problems.

Why are so many women looking for a river

Check it out in this class.

※ This class is part of the “2023 Revised Edition, Korea's No.1 Strong Hana Stretching” series This is the 'Pain Relief Edition'.

➖ Body care edition (launched on May 9)

➖ Diet edition (launched on May 23)

➖ Edema removal edition (launched on June 7)

➖ The Right Posture Edition (launched on June 20)

✔️Pain Relief Edition (launched on July 4)

Course effect

  • You can have a slim and toned body.
  • It can relieve muscle pain such as sore wrists and back pain.
  • It can eliminate neck and shoulder fatigue.
  • It can eliminate loud and uncomfortable pelvic pain.
  • You can have the right posture and body shape.
  • You can get the best lower body swelling removal effect in a short time of 15 minutes a day.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to have a proper posture
  • Those suffering from neck and shoulder fatigue
  • Those suffering from musculoskeletal pain
  • Those who want to get in shape but don't have time to spare
  • Those who want to take care of their body through short and thick exercises with the best effects
  • Those who exercise but haven't seen a proper effect
  • Those who want to continue exercising easily and conveniently anytime and anywhere and see results

There are 2 reasons why this class is special

❶ 2023 revised edition

'Strong Hana Stretching' released exclusively

“There are people who have never tried it, but there is no one who has only done it once.” The latest version of “Kang Hana Stretch 2023,” the founder of Home, which has received a total of 78 million views, will be released exclusively on CLASS101.

❷ It's an action that anyone can easily follow, right?

The effect of exercise is 200% “strong, but stretchy.”

With no preparation, exercise movements that anyone can easily follow in a space of just over 1 square meter, and continuous teaching and queuing as if you were taking an offline PT class, guarantee 200% of the exercise effect.



Hana Kang

Hana Kang

Hello classmates.

I'm one of the top 700,000 sports YouTubers.

ABOUT Kang Hana

  • 700,000 subscribers to the 'Kang Hana Stretching' YouTube channel
  • Current) Aroman Model/Wit Ambassador/Low Salt Mortgage Member of the Ministry of Food and Drug Administration
  • Multiple broadcast appearances
  • KBS - Just Their Relaxation
  • MBC - Live broadcast this morning
  • SBS - Good morning, package exploration class
  • Channel A - I am a body
  • MBN - Lord of Thumbs
  • Former) Attended special lectures at Hyundai, Lotte, Shinsegae, AK, and Galleria department stores
  • Attended a number of training sessions, including yoga at the Seoul City Hall office, YouTube training for employees of the Road Transport Corporation, and attendance at content training for the National Sports Promotion Corporation
  • SPC Samlip YouTube appearance
  • CJ Olive Young interview and collaborative video production
  • Appeared on the Ministry of Food and Drug Administration's “Mainash TV”
  • Filmed a Market College food commercial and appeared in many other contents
  • Attended the 2019-2023 City Forest Festival
  • Attended the 2022 Wanderlust Festival

Kang Hana's books

  • “If I get a little lighter, I wouldn't have a wish either.”
  • 'Kang Hana's diet stretching'
  • 'Kang Hana's Daily Stretching'

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