4 chapters · 2 hours 39 minutes
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1 Class Projects

It takes about 4-6 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • character illustration

Skills You’ll Learn

Draw the ideal face you envision

We pursue facial appeal at each step of the rough process and painting process

An efficient way to draw illustrations

By omitting unnecessary processes, you will be able to complete illustrations in a shorter time

How to paint to bring out the charisma of characters to the fullest

We will carefully proceed with the process from rough to finishing one by one

Learn how to draw a “face” that pursues cuteness and one's own ideals

It's no exaggeration to say that the face is the most important part of character illustrations.

In this course, I will focus on “how to draw a face” and explain with the goal of improving the quality of the illustrations and maximizing the appeal of the characters.

Since basic facial proportions and understanding of facial parts, painting techniques such as skin, eyes, and hair, and final processing and finishing methods are structured step by step, it is possible to reliably step up one by one.

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • Your understanding of basic facial proportions and facial parts will deepen, and you will be able to maximize the appeal of the characters
  • Learn how to use Procreate, learn how to draw illustrations efficiently, and improve work efficiency
  • You will learn processing methods and finishing methods from painting techniques such as skin, eyes, and hair, and you will be able to draw illustrations that are a notch higher

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who want to pursue cuteness even more and bring out the charms of their characters to the fullest
  • Those who are worried about paint becoming pale and want to improve their painting techniques
  • Beginner to intermediate illustration

When you take the course

  • I use iPad and Apple Pencil
  • The Procreate app must be purchased separately
  • The brushes to be used must be downloaded beforehand

What makes this class so special

You can learn the special techniques and knowledge of painters who are active on a wide range of SNS while creating together

This class is designed so that you can draw your own ideal face from scratch to completion while having fun drawing together.

Also, you can refer not only to illustration making, but also how to improve and practice on a daily basis. You'll fall in love with drawing even more through the class.





While working as an illustrator since 2022, I have been providing illustration courses and making information on YouTube. The number of Youtube subscribers has exceeded 100,000, and they are pursuing their own ideals while disseminating the latest drawing information.

While expressing a two-dimensional, sparkling and transparent worldview, I aim for illustrations that value texture and presence. I mainly create illustrations of beautiful girls, but I also draw SD characters and male characters.



・Mr. Wing Fox; illustration making course

・Like Shinano by the sea; illustration production

・Palmie/Palmie; YouTube promotional video creation/illustration production

・Mr. Coloso; YouTube promotional video creation

・Neko white eru sama; character design/illustration stand-up pictures/SD illustration production

・Mako Asako; illustration production for thumbnails

・Mr. Xfolio; YouTube promotional video creation

・Neko Shirou no eru sama; new costume character design/illustration stand-up picture/SD illustration creation


・Howaito-sama; creating illustrations for Youtube thumbnails

・Mr. Coloso; Youtube promotional video creation

・Tour Box; Youtube promotional video creation

In addition, there are many other character designs, thumbnail illustrations for YouTube, etc., icon illustrations, CD jacket illustrations, illustrations for distribution, SD illustrations, etc. by individual request



雷夏。 ∕ raika

雷夏。 ∕ raika



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