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Gold investment emerging from a recession

Once you learn how to invest in gold, you can use it for 50 years

About the class

All in one, from when to buy and sell gold investments to actual investment methods

Investing in gold can cause huge losses simply because you didn't know.

One side of this lecture Everything about “why” to invest in gold, “when” to do it, and “how” to do itYou can get it.

Course effect

  • You can accurately understand the buying and selling timing of gold investments.
  • Among the various ways to invest in gold, only the most efficient ones can be selected.
  • It can break all of the many misconceptions about gold.

Recommended target

  • Those who were hesitant about when to invest
  • People who have bought gold at least once
  • Those who want to expand their understanding of safe assets

Pre-course notes

  • This class As of June 2023It was produced with.

What makes this class special

❶ Explanations that are easy enough for elementary school students to understand

The difficult and complex economy has been explained in an easy-to-understand manner so that anyone can understand it.

❷ Accurate and objective analysis based on data

Statistical and logical analysis that is at a different level from stories about catching floating clouds or making plausible claims

❸ Practical investment tips that the general public will never know

I'll tell you all the secrets of physical investment that only people in the industry know.





Hallo This is Yang Bye-ri and Jo Kyu-won.

I've been investing since 2017, and I've read many books and lectures, but when I actually verified the content, I realized countless things that didn't match the facts.

So I always have a habit of accepting information that falls short of both statistical data and logical structure as true, and not completely accepting it if either one is missing.

Meanwhile, I accidentally became interested in gold for the first time in 2018.

What's amazing about gold is that while stocks have a history of 200 years, gold is an asset with a huge history of 5,000 years, the world has very poor information than I thought, and when I actually analyzed the information that was available, I learned that most of the information didn't match the facts.

As a result, I became even more excited, and I went through all the books on gold, from dozens of articles related to gold, and analyzed and collected the information necessary for gold investment one by one.

Also, as I actually wandered around Jongno countless times, I realized a lot of things that the general public would never know.

Definitely, if you read information on the internet or a few books about gold and invest, I am convinced that there is a 100% chance that you will fail.

However, I think it's really inefficient for everyone in the world to spend as much time and energy as me to learn about gold

This is how I came to create a course.

I think I'm enough for this kind of trouble.

📺 Career, TV appearances, etc.

  • Korea Gold Exchange YouTube Gold and Silver Investment Lecturer
  • Korea Silver Exchange Gold and Silver Investment Columns and Staff Training
  • 2023 Seoul Money Show Lecture
  • Lecture at the 2023 Han Kyung Money Road Show
  • Appeared on YouTube Sampro TV
  • KBS Hong Sa-hoon's economic show appearance
  • Starring SBS Burinyi and Donghak Ant
  • MBC appearance this morning
  • Starring in OBS Economy
  • MBN News appearance
  • Appeared on Korea Economic Daily TV
  • Live appearance on the way home from work at Maeil Keizai

📚 Books

  • Gold inflation





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