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Skills You’ll Learn

Self-diagnosis and identification of preparations for starting a business

Learn how to assess your situation and raise capital for start-up capital at an activity site

Branding and marketing methods that appeal the brand in the most appealing way

Learn conceptualising know-how that is attracting attention as the most attractive brand at the fair

Tips to successfully monetize your creations

Learn monetization tips such as expanding sales outlets, growing your own mall, and increasing margins

Class introduction

How Chang, R.Mo. Bee, a major achieved 1000% of sales in 6 months in the doll business

If you've ever thought “I want to create my own brand, I want to earn a strong side income like everyone else,” but you're afraid to get started, and you feel vague and overwhelmed even after listening to lectures, you've come to the right place. This class is an all-in-one (all-in-one) class that allows you to self-diagnose whether you are a person who can start a business through activities, and guides you through the entire process of starting a business, from initial funding methods to attractive branding and marketing methods that can be directly reflected in the field, and monetization methods after disclosing sales.

I would like to share the genealogy of a 1000% effective startup that I experienced in the handmade doll business that began after leaving my career as an actor, and a field experience where the challenge of starting without having anything resulted in achieving 1000% in sales.

The most fearful moment in starting a business ultimately comes from “ignorance” of how to apply it to the field. That's why it's so hard to overcome fear and challenge yourself even if you read a book or listen to a lecture if it's full of stories about licking the outside of a watermelon. So that everyone can confidently start a successful business in a way that's right for them, I will unhide the insights I've gained.

This class is now A way to get started right awayI'm focusing on letting you know. Our beginnings can't always be perfect. But don't worry. I'll tell you everything from the first step that's right for each of you to the next 1-2 year plan!

It's definitely possible. Get started, right now!

Course effect

  • Before starting a business, check what you need to prepare and learn realistic ways to prepare them.
  • Learn specific methods and examples of selling value rather than products and apply them right away.
  • Learn how to set customized prices for handmade products and sales systems that increase margins.
  • Learn marketing methods to maximize profits using pairs.
  • Learn and apply tips on how to expand sales outlets and create collaborations and sponsorships on your own.
  • Learn how to manage the mentality of a single entrepreneur to prevent abandonment.

Recommended target

  • People who are thinking about starting a character or handmade department or business
  • A novice entrepreneur who has just started a business in this category
  • A craft creator who is worried about poor sales

What makes this class special

“The boss is crazy”: honest entrepreneurship & tips for invincible survival!

I would like to be very honest about what Amuroki did, how much it earned, and how it did until it grew super fast in 6 months. Coaching without “how” can't be said to have taught me real know-how.

  • You have to get a good idea of the concept >> How?
  • Marketing is important >> How?

Everyone knows that marketing branding is important. Amuroki will teach you how to set a concept that captures the core values of a brand rather than just conceptualizing the exterior, and generously teaches specific and realistic methods, including sales methods that can see value rather than price, and secret tips to increase margins. You can look forward to effective classes without wasting time!





Hello! I'm Lucky Man, an Amuroki writer.

After graduating from college as an acting major, he worked as an actor for 3 years

I started a random business with the idea of “I want to make my own stage.”

At first, “I'll do it unconditionally, please let's do it!” It was a clenched head on the ground.


Starting a business with no capital by a non-professional...

It was reckless, but it was amazing to be able to do it!

It's really possible to create opportunities even in fields I don't know at all.

This is really, really fun.


I'm a person who is serious about messages.

We are creating our own luckI'm only focusing on sharing, so it's actually all reviews.

“I'm really lucky to see good luck pouring in.”

“Because it's so meaningful and cute... I hope you'll be the first person to touch when it's hard.”

“I felt like I was getting a precious gift rather than a package:)”


What is the secret of Amuroki coming to this position messageIt's in

I thought about branding that could sell value rather than products, and planned marketing that shared sincerity.

At the end of the day, sincerity works.

How to share your sincerityIf you only know, you'll be able to experience the good fortune of creating opportunities for yourself.

This is a lecture on how to share the value of a brand and how to move the hearts of customers by delivering a message.





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