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About the class

With the advent of the post-COVID-19 era, the need for the online marketing market is being emphasized and developed even more than before. Online marketing trends are becoming increasingly diverse, and new methods through convergence are emerging. Online and offline experiences and personalized marketing using big data are also becoming important in online marketing.

However, there are times when novice marketers who do online marketing don't know what kind of marketing they are doing while doing marketing. In this course, we will help novice marketers gain a sense of online marketing by learning about the flow and types of online marketing, checklists for successful online marketing, and strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

Course effect

  • You can learn the definition and types of online marketing.
  • Learn about online marketing trends and directions in the post-COVID-19 era.
  • Learn the key points of online marketing execution.
  • Learn about strategies for improving customer satisfaction in online marketing.
  • I can understand the overall terminology of online marketing.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to understand the direction and trends of online marketing
  • Those who want to become an online marketer expert
  • Those who want to know what kind of marketing the online marketing I do falls under
  • Those who want to know the essential terms and strategies for online marketing

What makes this class special

Online marketing course delivered by a Master of Entrepreneurship marketer

You can learn current online marketing trends and the basic definitions of online marketing, terms, and strategies necessary for novice marketers through online marketing lectures taught by lecturers specializing in corporate courses in their 10th year of employment.

A basic primer that any novice marketer should know

I have unraveled the basic concepts and types of online marketing that are difficult for novice marketers to understand, and I can understand the characteristics of a business that must be known in online marketing and concepts that must be understood when implementing overall online marketing, such as target customer setting.

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Hello, I'm Yuri.

As I majored in entrepreneurship and conducted online marketing consulting for many companies and individuals, I understood the basic concepts and principles of marketing and learned the difference between marketing and non-marketing.

There are times when novice marketers who do online marketing don't know what kind of marketing they are doing while doing marketing. We've prepared a course for beginning marketers to understand the terms and types of online marketing they need to know. I hope that novice marketers can understand the overall concept of online marketing and apply it to practice so that they can do more in-depth marketing.

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