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Breaking Final Edition, B-Boy Kill's Power Move Master Class

As the final part of the breaking class, the curriculum is designed so that you can learn 24 braking techniques. You can learn everything from standing freeze to power movement step by step, and master everything from the most difficult braking technique to the air track.

24 Freeze & Power Moves
Breaking National Team B-Boy Kills will let you know!

B-Boy Kill's Signature power move, you can do it too!

The signature combo “Tomanine, Chair Air, One-Handed Chair Track,” by B-Boy Kill, which drew the world's attention with its overwhelming power move, can be seen in Chapter 5. Connect difficult combos that seem impossible I'll share my own detailed know-how to “make it happen.”

If you have enough space, you can master Power Move with me anytime, anywhere.

So are you ready to upgrade your breaking level?

Here we go, Let's Breaking!

Course effect

  • You can learn the difficult power move techniques required for B-Boy & B-Girl step by step.
  • You can learn power move combos and create your own signature techniques.
  • You can learn B-Boy Kill's power move know-how.

Recommended target

  • B-Boy & B-Girl who want to learn the breaking know-how of B-Boy Kill
  • Those who want to master power moves and upgrade their braking skills
  • Those who want to make their own Power Move signature combo

Pre-course notes

  • In order to prevent injury, it's important to fully relax before learning techniques.
  • Be sure to bring a yoga mat when taking a stretching or bare-body workout class.
  • Considering your current physical condition, you may wear a protector or protective gear if necessary.

CLASS101 Exclusive

If it's one class, “You can study air track on your own!”
Using 100% of the Power Move curriculum

In this class, we started with a standing freeze, “Air Track,” which is known for its highest difficulty, and the difficulty of hell beyond that, B-Boy Kill's signature combo You can even learn

If you learn “like this,” it's not difficult to power move!

The technology you've been curious about, don't start right away!

: Each technique has actions and techniques that must be performed first. Find your level by taking classes at least once in sequence.

It's not a single action, womanThink of it as a combination of Russian movements

: In order to complete a highly complete power move, it's important to properly perform each step by step. In this class, I'll show you the actions in as much detail as possible, so check out the details of your movements.

Peek into details you can't find offline

: I captured various angles on the front, back, and side so I wouldn't get frustrated because I couldn't see the movement. Take a close look at each technique's hand position, foot angle, and body direction, and follow the same steps to improve your skill level.

Finally, play at your own pace and review thoroughly

There are no time or space restrictions, so you can fully review at your own pace. Please enjoy the classes for a long time while facing your growing skills!

* B-boy Reef from Gambler Crew also appeared in some chaptersWe've added vivid 1:1 detailed feedback as you learn the techniques from your perspective.

Power Move is a technology with a high risk of injury.
Please pay attention to individual safety.

⚠️ Take a chapter that suits your condition and ability, and before practicing techniques, each chapter is included in the first video 'Essential stretching and warm-up exercises'Please do it.

Depending on your ability, try using it as follows:

  • Beginners learning Power Move for the first time: Take the entire curriculum in order and complete the air track through step-by-step learning.
  • Equipped with braking basics and techniques · Supervisor: Take the entire curriculum at least once in order, and focus on skills that are lacking in proficiency.
  • Power move experts who think about their own techniques: Take the B-Boy Kill signature combo chapter and complete your own signature combo by referring to the techniques you want from the entire curriculum.

* This is a difficult class for intermediate to advanced students, and if you have trouble with basic baby freezes, we recommend taking the introductory class first.



B-Boy Kill

B-Boy Kill

World Class, B-Boy Kill


2023 South Korea Breaking National Team

2012 Korea Talent Award

B-boy belonging to the Gambler Crew

B-boy belonging to KAI CREW

Related career

2022 Breaking K Finals Runner-up

2022 Breaking K Series 2nd Tournament Winner

2022 JTBC <SHOWDOWN> Runner-up

8th place in the 2021 WDSF World Breaking Championship

2021 Breaking K Series 1st Tournament Runner-up

2018 France Lille Battle Pro Championship

2017 France World Power Move Series Winner

2017 Asia Break the Floor Winner

2015 Mnet <Dancing9 Season3> Winner

2014 Mnet <Dancing9 Season 2> Winner

2013 France Break the Floor Power Move Battle Winner


Q. What does B-Boy Kill think about the appeal of breaking

Braking can take months to learn a movement or technique. I think the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing the techniques you've been practicing is fascinating. The feeling is really great when the audience shouts and cheers at that time.

Also, the great appeal of breaking is that you can get inspiration from everyday life and express yourself with freedom of movement. I hope all of you can feel the appeal of the classes with me.

Q. Can I learn about breaking through online classes?

Of course. Even if I can't take a look at each one myself, I'll tell you the details as if they were right next to you. Through online classes, you'll be able to create your own stage anytime, anywhere, regardless of time and place.

Q. Lastly, what would you like to say to those taking the Breaking Class

There are probably many people who think that braking is difficult. Nevertheless, I would like to thank you for spending your precious time with me in this introductory class. It's strange at first, and it might not work. It's only natural that it can't be done all at once. What is clear is that if you don't give up, you'll face yourself growing steadily little by little.

I hope this lesson was helpful to my classmates, and I hope they keep practicing and see you in the next technical class!



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