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To Clip Studio
17 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Waking up emoji

  • Clothes emoji

  • coffee drinking emoji

  • running emoji

  • laptop knocking emoji

  • The emoji of going around in a chair

  • The emoji of thinking about what to eat

  • food eating emoji

  • The emoji that makes you feel full

  • shopping emoji

  • Watching a movie emoji

  • driving emoji

  • Entering a house emoji

  • showering emoji

  • sleeping emoji

  • Short-form content

  • Short-form content

Skills You’ll Learn

Complete conquest of Clip Studio

Master Clip Studio by easily learning only the essential features

Create moving emoticons

Make a most-used emoji of everyday life in the form of an animated GIF

Create short form content with animated emoticons

Easily create short form content with finished emoticons

Class introduction

An essential gateway to increasing profits & pipelines!

2-week Animated Emoji Master Course

“I need to finish the emoji... I also want to sell it soon..”

This class is for those who only think but can't act. Reach your dream goals quickly with a 2-week attribute curriculum where you complete one emoji per lesson! I recommend it to those who want to quickly create high-profit emoticons when they have made up their mind.

Use Clip Studio to create moving emoticons with your eternal mentor, the animator! If you want to make a lot of money with emoticons all at once, you should create moving emoticons instead of static emoticons. The feeling that it's going to be bothersome and difficult will go away as soon as you take the class. You only need to trust and follow the premium coaching of the animator who has produced many Kakao emoji artists.

Creating an emoji is only half the beginning, so it's important when you first make up your mind.

Listen first, right now!

Course effect

  • You can easily master only the features you need in Clip Studio

  • Learn the difficult timeline function step by step in a fun way

  • Learn 15 highly useful everyday motions

  • You can create and upload short form content with completed emoticons

  • By making the characters you create come to life, you can expand your field of activity as an emoji artist

Recommended target

  • People who only wanted to make emoticons but couldn't do it

  • People who couldn't do it because they could draw a static emoji but couldn't do it because moving emoticons were difficult

  • People who made characters but don't know how to make money

  • Those who want to learn the Clip Studio features easily

3 reasons why this class is special

① 99% satisfaction rating #1 in the emoji category

The return of the legendary creator

Since '21, we have been hosting an event where we give congratulatory cakes to classmates who have received approval for emoticons. You too can become the owner of the cake with detailed explanations and quick and accurate comment feedback from the artist who doesn't miss out on even the smallest points!

This class is a 'Clip Studio Umti Master' class that focuses only on moving emoticons. The reason moving emoticons are difficult is because they continue taking the course without properly understanding the timeline function. If you use the functions over and over again with the dynamic operator, your hands will be able to handle the timeline competently before you know it.

🎉 If you confirm 90% or more with the emoji approval email, we'll give you a congratulatory cake as a gift!

② Emoji creation cheat keys!

Motion Guide & Coaching Ticket for a Dongjakga

If you want to complete motions more easily and quickly, try using 15 types of motion guides. Each frame of the motion has a guide, so if you just draw your own character on it, you can complete one motion right away! From Clip Studio and Procreate files to PSD, PNG, and GIF files, we've prepared a friendly motion guide that can be used in any environment.

Still having trouble creating emoticons? You can get 1:1 close coaching with a coaching ticket from the most popular Dongjakga in Class 101. This is an all-in-one course prepared to help you achieve your goals. Now all that's left to do is become a popular artist!





It's been 8 years since I started communicating with the public using emoticons.

At first, I tried my hand at emoticons by drawing random characters,

Of course, I wasn't good at it, and it took me quite a while to learn everything on my own.

At that time, I thought it would be nice if there was an easy way to learn like Class 101.

This is the very easy way for me to learn,

I'll tell you all about the know-how I've accumulated over 8 years by pressing down on it.

If you use this class to create your own emoji,

By the end of the lesson, you'll confidently hit the “Suggest an Emoji” button!





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