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About the class

๐Ÿ’ป This course is e-Test National Accreditation Certificate Lectures for preparationIt was designed as an e-Test. The e-Test analyzes the types of national accreditation certificates and learns the basic concepts you need to know for each subject. โ‘  Hangul 2016 โ‘ก Excel 2016 โ‘ข PowerPoint 2016Understand the basic functions of, and learn a sense of practice by solving previous problems.

First, in Hangul, we will focus on basic settings, various formats, tables, and charts. Next, in Excel, we will focus on functions such as charts, filters, pivot tables, and subtotals. Finally, in PowerPoint, students learn basic skills by creating slides, and using animation features.

Course effect

  • You can quickly adapt by learning basic concepts for each e-Test subject.
  • You can improve your skills by solving previous questions and doing practical exercises in preparation for the e-Test.

Recommended target

  • General public and university students whose goal is to obtain national accreditation for the e-Test



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