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About the class

For those who want to become Instagram marketers, this course focuses on background knowledge and explanations of actual functions for understanding relevant knowledge and functions and actually promoting or marketing products, services, and brands. ① Establishing an Instagram marketing strategy ② Creating an Instagram post ③ Marketing case study ④ Ad setupWhile learning, we will work together on the whole process from theory to practice. This will lay the foundation for becoming an Instagram influencer and marketer.

Course effect

  • You can gain background knowledge to become an Instagram marketer.
  • You can learn the basic features to become a successful influencer.
  • By establishing a successful Instagram marketing strategy based on basic background knowledge and applying it in practice, it is possible to increase practical utilization.

Recommended target

  • Anyone who wants to market a product, service, or brand through Instagram
  • Those who want to know more about popular Instagram posting methods



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