Blender 3D
10 Class Projects

It takes about About 1 hour to complete one class project.

  • Picture frame and clock

  • table and chair

  • desk table

  • Plates and mugs

  • tomatoes

  • cheeses

  • milk pack

  • Carpet using shader nodes

  • A refrigerator with an internal structure

  • Final completion small room

Skills You’ll Learn

Modelling with ModiPy

You can change at any time by using Modify to adjust the values of the Modify options

Material texture expression using shader nodes

Use the node structure of a blender to make lemon, tomato, and wood materials without using photographs

Making a skeleton using rigging

Create a bone and rig it so that you can freely manipulate objects

UV Unrwap

How to do effective UV unwrapping Learn how to manipulate unwrapped UV

F-Curve adjustment

Learn F-Curve manipulation for effective animation timing

Class introduction

Hoyacho's new Blender 3D launch

Hoyacho's Blender 3D course, which had the highest satisfaction rating with a cumulative total of more than 7,000 students and 13,000 questions and answers, will be completely newly launched in line with the Class 101 subscription plan

In Hoyacho's Blender 3D course, you'll learn all 3D techniques together by creating objects and rooms using simple cubes and shapes, and learning props, character rigging, and keyframe animation, which are structured step by step from the basics of Blender 3D to the advanced level. Since it is a process where the difficulty level gradually increases over a medium to long period of time, we are preparing in a planned manner so that you don't feel burdened by creating 3D content due to the difficulty level that suddenly became difficult during the process of growing from beginner to advanced. Also, it is divided into macOS and Windows versions, so you can selectively take videos that suit your device

This course is PART 1, and PART with increasing difficulty will be further updated in the future

More detailed modeling and character creation will be prepared for the second half of the additional PART

Now the era where anyone can create 3D media using the free tool Blender 3D has begun. Since Hoyacho learned all of these things on her own, she knows the difficulties of first-time beginners, so she can help with questions about getting stuck during the course

Course effect

  • Even those who have never done 3D can lay the foundation for 3D modeling and animation.
  • You can make an animated video in 3D and promote yourself by creating a short form video on social media such as social media
  • You will understand the fundamentals and principles of moving 3D animation using Bone rather than simple modeling

Recommended target

  • Those who want to create their own 3D content
  • People who have never done 3D and are always worried
  • Those who want to transfer from another 3D tool to Blender 3D

Pre-course notes

  • Desktop or laptop or macOS devices (excluding iPads) that run 3D games smoothly
  • Blender 3D program downloaded for free (there is instructions on how to install it in the lesson)

3 reasons why this class is special

❶ Covers all aspects of 3D technology used in the industry

I, Hoyacho, majored in animation and has been working in the business as a 2D designer for 8 years and a 3D modeler and animator for 3 years, and currently has set up a one-person studio to produce outsourced production and media content. Hoyacho covers all of the 3D technologies actually used in the business, from design to modeling, animation rendering, compositing, and importing Unity Engine. Instead of simply creating objects by modeling, we aim for animation technology in line with the video age. Animation videos can be used on YouTube, short form video, and social media, and animation technology itself is a range of technology used by animation companies and game companies in general

Part 1 Chapter 8 Examples of completed works

Although PART 1 is a first start, beginners who don't know 3D can get the same results and skills as above

❷ How to use shader nodes to show material texture

The result below uses only one image of the British flag, and the rest of the materials are created using a shader node structure.

PART1 production completion example

The surface texture of a lemon, the color that changes with the gradation of a tomato, and the wood on the wooden doors and floor floors are all created using a blender's shader node without using photographs. Part 1 deals with shader nodes by configuring the difficulty level step by step so that even first-time beginners can understand shader nodes

❸ Separate video support for Mac users and Windows users

Blender has different shortcuts between Mac OS and Windows, and the operation method may be different, so there may be parts where it is difficult for Mac users to operate with shortcuts. Also, since some people use Windows at work and can do personal work on MacBooks, the videos are separated so that both Mac users and Windows users can support them.

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A cumulative total of 7,000 students! Hoyacho's Blender Seasons


Before entering Hoyacho's Blender Class


(Windows) How do I operate Blender?


(Windows) Making a small stage


(Windows) Light and color materials


(Windows) Uploading stage details


(Windows) Making props


(Windows) Create detailed props


(Windows) A moving house


(Windows) Creating an animation


(Mac) How do I operate Blender?


(Mac) Making a small stage


(Mac) Light and color materials


(Mac) Uploading stage details


(Mac) Making props


(Mac) Making detailed props




(Mac) Create an animation


Congratulations on completing Part 1




I worked as a 2D designer for a game company for 7 years. I taught Blender 3D on my own and am currently developing 3D characters and creating animations. I work as the representative of Hoyacho Art Studio's one-person company. We developed character applications through corporate character development, advertising animation, character and animation resource outsourcing, and collaboration with other teams.

My dream was to make my own animation, which I had seen when I was a kid, so I majored in the animation department, and after studying Blender 3D on my own, I founded and managed a one-person animation studio and made my own animation. My childhood dream has come true.

In the past, if you wanted to make a 3D animation, you had to join an animation company because one person couldn't do it all. Currently, the era of creating any amount of single-person media using free software such as Blender3D is opening.






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