6 chapters · 1 hours 30 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

How to set up an Instagram account to make money

How to set hidden settings for profitable Instagram

Industry secrets, advertising cost negotiation know-how

Characteristics of accounts chosen by advertisers and know-how on ad pricing & negotiation

Take advantage of stories & releases that are constantly being requested for ads

A story where you receive ad revenue from a single common account, uses 200% of Reels

Tips for organizing feeds that look like a pro

Learn the know-how to organize feeds like a pro and grow your followers quickly and easily

Class introduction

Revealing the answer sheet for the algorithm learned at the Instagram headquarters

Dal tells me how to make “cash” on Instagram!

“I heard that it's easy to make money on Instagram, but are you asking me to start another business after all?”

Have you ever thought about this? There are many contents that share Instagram monetization know-how, but all of them are structured so that profits can only be obtained by creating a brand, such as connecting smart stores.

I'll show you how to make money with just one Instagram account in a very easy way, even without your own brand or product, step by step.

Instead of an account that only receives products such as tools and sponsorships, this class creates an account where you receive real advertising fees and run out of cash. An algorithm strategy coached directly from Instagram headquarters by influencer Dal, an official Instagram ambassadorHere's a summary of how to create an account with constant ads based on.

Also, I can't hear it anywhere An off-the-record in the advertising industry! The hidden truth about ad pricing and secrets only marketers knowA sneak peek will be revealed only to all of you.

Course effect

  • Learn how to set up an Instagram account to make money
  • Learn about the characteristics of accounts chosen by advertisers and know-how in negotiating advertising costs
  • Master how to use stories & releases that keep ads coming in
  • Learn tips for organizing feeds that make it easy to look like a pro and quickly grow your followers
  • You can become an influencer who earns ad revenue with just one common account

Recommended target

  • People who want to generate additional income with Instagram
  • I want to be an influential influencer 1020
  • People who want to earn additional profits easily but can't even try every time and give up
  • People who want to hear methodological content that actually increases followers and earns advertising fees rather than theoretical content they know everything
  • Those who are curious about hidden know-how based on actual experiences that they couldn't easily hear anywhere else

3 reasons why this class is special

① Increased 150,000 followers in 6 months in parallel with studies

Revealing how to quickly grow a profitable account without investing time or money

I managed my Instagram account while preparing for college entrance exams. In the intense admissions process of going to a foreign school and getting into college, I succeeded in everything without missing out on my studies or Instagram management.

When I was in high school, I had already collected 50,000, and since entering college, I have attracted 150,000 followers one more time by riding another algorithm wave.

The excuse is that you can't manage your account because you don't have time or content to post. I'll share all my insights on how I quickly grew my account and became an influencer even under limited space and special circumstances. Let's make account monetization that you've only dreamed of a reality without harming your main business!

② A 5-week challenge class that allows you to finish even after 3 days

Once you've made up your mind, there's no time to hesitate. If you just follow the challenge I've prepared, your followers will double in the blink of an eye. Once you get the start right, you'll fall in love with the fun of watching the account grow like a snowball after that.

When you think of it as labor, any job just feels difficult and boring. I'll show you how to run a fun yet effective account.

③ The correct answer sheet for the algorithm coached by the Instagram headquarters has been revealed!

I will reveal in detail how to draw a graph of the number of followers trending in less than a year.

At the most basic level, you need to have a lot of followers, but just increasing the number of followers randomly doesn't mean you can create a profitable account. I'll unravel the secrets of the industry that advertisers don't know until you experience what aspects they place the most importance on when choosing influencers and how to raise your ransom.





Hello, I'm Darcie!

I run Instagram and YouTube and work as a digital creator.

As an influencer from Instagram's official ambassador, I'll tell you the core of algorithmic strategies and profitable account management that was coached by Instagram headquarters.

See you in class!





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