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About the class

This course is an introduction to Python for those who are new to Python but want to get started after firming the basics. The curriculum is designed so that you can understand the analysis process using Python in the easiest and quickest way.

Data analysis experts with more than 20 years of experience and proven expertise will help you understand everything from Python installation to data purification, exploration, and analysis using it, and furthermore, machine learning and deep learning.

Understand the core concepts of analysis and perform the entire Python installation, data types, conditional statements and loops, Numpy functions, and Pandas.

In addition, data types and processing methods, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression can be performed, and CNN, RNN, and transition models utilized through deep learning along with machine learning algorithms can be utilized.

Course effect

  • You will understand the core concepts of data analysis and perform the entire Python process
  • You will gain a deep understanding of data purification, search, and analysis using Python, and furthermore, machine learning and deep learning
  • Can be applied to data analysis practices in companies/organizations

Recommended classes

  • People who are new to Python and have a vague feeling
  • Those who want to improve their basic Python skills
  • Those who want to apply Python to practice
  • Those who want to learn deep learning and machine learning as quickly as possible through Python

3 reasons why this class is so special

① Introductory course taught by data analysis experts with over 20 years of experience

② Python A to Z! An optimized curriculum for beginners that teaches everything from Python installation to deep learning tuning

③ From storytelling lessons without the need for formulas to actual data analysis



Data Campus

Data Campus

Through more than 20 years of expertise in statistical analysis & big data analysis, we have provided training for professors, researchers, practitioners, universities (institutes), and job-seekers. Data analysis is no longer an option but a necessity. Starting with Python, the Big Data Analyst certification, and the Social Research Analyst certification can be solved all at once at Data Campus. We will strengthen the capacity and practical skills of data analysts with a highly specialized curriculum.



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