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About the class

This course is Social Research Analyst Level 2 Practical Qualification Preparation CourseIt consists of content about. We present a type-specific approach for achieving an acceptance cut line (60 points in total) through a systematic curriculum structure from concept understanding to practical preparation.

  • Written answer type (60 points): Provides memorization points and problem solving based on understanding theory and concepts
  • Work type (40 points): Pattern analysis through submission trends. Improve sense of practice by solving problems by type

What is a social research analyst?

Experts who make plans for necessary surveys such as market research and public opinion polls required by various organizations such as governments, companies, and political parties, carry out such research, analyze the results, and write reports.

✅ Why do we recommend a social research analyst certificate

What is the certification of a social research analyst Statistical Analysis National Accreditation Examinationinto

  1. Up to 5% credit when applying for a statistician
  2. Preferential recruitment for public institutions such as Korea Consumer Resources and Korea Broadcasting and Advertising Corporation
  3. It is advantageous to get a job in related jobs such as research research analysis, public opinion and marketing research

Course effect

  • You can improve your skills by solving social research analyst level 2 practical questions by type.

Recommended target

  • The general public and university students whose goal is to pass the Social Research Analyst Level 2 practical exam

3 reasons why this class is special

① Highly communicative lectures delivered directly by 20 years of statistical analysis experts

② Core lectures that easily solve everything from basic terms to concepts and practices

③ Practical lectures with a high hit rate containing everything necessary to pass



Data Campus

Data Campus

Through more than 20 years of expertise in statistical analysis & big data analysis, we have provided training for professors, researchers, practitioners, universities (institutes), and job-seekers. Data analysis is no longer an option but a necessity. Starting with Python, the Big Data Analyst certification, and the Social Research Analyst certification can be solved all at once at Data Campus. We will strengthen the capacity and practical skills of data analysts with a highly specialized curriculum.



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