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How to dance your own dance, Monika & Lip J

In this class, you can learn how to structure a performance through actual examples with dancers Monika & Lip J, and learn about the unique dance world of MoLIP (Monika & Lip J) and how to treat dance as dancers.

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'Dancers' Dancers need no explanation, Monika & Lip J.

They quickly fascinated the public with a weapon called “dance.”

They started dancing because they liked it, but the two had to think about the dance they loved and who danced, and they worked tirelessly to find their identity as dancers. I am not bound by the order and framework that has always been maintained, I am not bothered by outside eyes, and I have always sought and tried new things.

Extraordinary dancers Monika and Lip J talk to future dancers. Even if you doubt your dance, don't give up... They share experiences that everyone can relate to with the desire to dance for a longer time and happily, give advice on the process of finding one's own color as a dancer, how to protect oneself, and talk about the responsibilities and things that dancers should be wary of.

Monika & Lip J's class will be a meaningful time for all dance lovers to rethink what dance is for them.

Q & A

Q. What is Monika's unique dance genre, if any?

Monika While street dancing, the functional parts that naturally remained in my body, and the various experiences that came from my personality of liking various things came mixed with me. Something that can't be explained by any genre that combines all of these inspirations and habits, and I think it has become my dance. I wanted to prove that genres can be chosen and created by oneself. I thought I should be given some qualifications to say that, but those qualifications required a lot of experience and the support of many people, and I think I feel that now. So, 'Monika, what's your genre? ' I think I can say it with confidence now when asked. “My genre is Monika.”

Q. Why did you start dancing as a dancer?

Lip J It's clear why I dance. A sense of liberation. In fact, my true self, Hyowon Cho, is a person who is reluctant to talk or express something I feel. However, the 'Dancer Lip J' self has become a completely different person and expresses them unstoppably. Be very honest, with gestures, not words. It's not about words, it's about telling a story in terms of size. “I don't know how you guys feel about this, but I said... I don't know what you're talking about? Then you don't need to know” I feel a tremendous sense of liberation in this area. I think this is the only way I can be completely honest. The melody or beat of some music is perfect for my movements! Just right! Just right! When you get hit, the catharsis of that moment is also amazing.

Q. Do you have a driving force when dancing?

Monika My driving force is my heart. A true story from my heart. In this way, I can only do something if I really move my mind, so in the end, all of the storytelling is my own story. When I'm doing a performance or at some moment when I'm dancing, it's a bit difficult to do without really talking about myself or my feelings. If you look more closely at my driving force, there is one element that definitely goes into my performance. The “real” reason I really wanted to do whatever I wanted was my feelings for my father, and this is actually something I don't go anywhere to talk about. The feelings I felt when I saw my father are still very diverse. As an analogy, the artist's muse is always contained within the artist's canvas. I think you can think of it that way.

Q. How can I dance “like me” on stage?

Lip J I had to perform in Russia once, and this was the first time I met a teacher I had really wanted to meet. He was a person named Tyrone Proctor (Tyrone Proctor) who acted as an important messenger in the waxing genre, and he was also very famous as a tiger teacher who clearly said, “Waacking must be done like this.” But he had already seen my dance. They said that it was great because I seemed to be honest in my expression by changing my face in a variety of ways, and rather than following someone else, they accepted my roots as an Oriental dancer and tried to interpret it in my own way by incorporating the originality of the dance called waacking into it. Until then, I had some rules and formulae about “should this be it?” and “should it be like that?” But now I'm really convinced that “I can do it.”



Monika & Lip J

Monika & Lip J


  • 2016 Aim High World Finals 2016 Street Dance Performance Runner-up (Houndstooth)


  • 2017 Boeun God Dancing King Jury

  • 2018 Boeun God Dancing King Jury

  • 2018 Jinju Street Dance Festival Battle&Performance Jury

  • 2019 Banja Dance Jury

  • 2019 Asia Youth Dance Competition (AYDC) Jury

  • 2019 Show Me Performance Competition Jury

Lip J

  • 2016 Old School Night vol.18 2nd winner

  • 2016 Freestyler's Night vol.1 winner


  • 2016 Taiwan South Side Session vol.9 winner

  • 2016 Get movin 2:2 win

  • 2016 Kazakhstan Funky Summit Jury

  • 2017 LINE UP SEASON 3.5 Hip-Hop & Waxing Category Winner

  • 2017 HOLIDE IN WAACING vol.8 winner

  • 2017 All Aisa Waacking Festival Grand Final Jury

  • 2017 Feel The Funk Jury

  • 2017 Freestyler's Night Jury

  • 2017 KOD waacking side judges

  • 2018 WITB: Who Is The Best Waxing Category Runner-up

  • 2019 LINE UP SEASON 5 Freestyle Division Runner-up





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