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How to Fall in Love with Dance, U-know Yunho

Learn everything about dancing, from basic dance techniques to know-how on practice and mindset as a performer.

This Class Is For :

  • Aspiring dance performers

  • Audience who want to know about dance performance

  • Fans of Creator U-know Yunho

  • Stage Professionals


For the first time in the history of Japanese concerts, TVXQ concerts were held at Nissan Stadium for a total of three days. No. 1 international artist for most wins at Oricon single chart.

Beyond Korea, the Japanese music market

TVXQ's U-know Yunho

From idol to talented artist, performance with outstanding expressiveness and detail.

He tells the story of dance for the first time.

U-Know Yunho's CLASS101, his story of dance, performance and passion.


Q. Why are fundamentals important in dancing?

Dance is similar to a workout in that they both involve body movements. Just as fundamental skills are important for sports players, basic movements are crucial to dancers. If you cannot follow the dance moves of someone else no matter how hard you practice, this is probably why. You can't follow the dance moves if you can't grasp the fundamental movements.

Q. Do you have tips for overcoming nervousness on the stage?

I tend to think ‘I am the best dancer in the world.' Of course, I don’t think that I am the best dancer in the world. Many great dancers are way better than me. However, once you're on the stage, having the confidence to think that you are the best is one of the most important things.

Q. What can you do to overcome your slump?

One of the ways to overcome the slump is to keep reflecting on yourself. ‘How was I first introduced to dancing?’, ‘How did I start to dance?’. And you may even need to listen to some advice from friends who started dancing with you at the very beginning. And it is also good to have conversations with yourself a lot.

Q. How do you handle unexpected situations during performances?

To give you a tip, for example, say something went wrong while dancing. Don't panic but make eye contact with the audience. At that moment, it would be best to take a position and go into the next situation. The audience does not know the details. That's why you can solve it yourself.





U-know Yunho

Leader of TVXQ, Lead Vocal, Main Rapper, Main Dancer and Actor


2012|The 3rd Barbie & Ken Awards - Ken of the Year 2008|The 50th TBS Japan Record Award - Excellent Work Award

The 23rd Golden Disk Awards - Grand Prize Best Hits Japan - Gold Artist Award

Mnet KM Music Festival - Album of the Year

2006|The 21st Golden Disk Awards - Grand Prize

The 16th Seoul Music Awards - Grand Prize KM Music Festival - Artist of the Year

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