10 chapters · 13 hours 22 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Skills You’ll Learn

Using Markers

Learn how to use markers, from different brands.

Color Scheme and Mood

Learn how to pick and choose the right colors.

Coloring with Markers

Learn basic coloring techniques such as gradation, texture expression, and pressure control.

Drawing in the Minimalist Style

Learn how to create illustrations without complex techniques.

Unlocking Your Creative Potential

Draw out scenes from your imagination so that by the end of the class, you can create any scene you want!

Elegant Minimalist Illustrations - The Charm of Markers

The marker is a fascinating tool that feels like watercolors, and sometimes computer graphics like Photoshop and Illustration, depending on how you use it! Besides, it has the advantage of being easy to carry without the hassle of needing water. If you learn how to express the objects you see in the minimalist style, using markers is not difficult!

How to Get the Most from the Least

In my class, I'll show you the drawing techniques that can get you the best effect by using only a couple steps. If you paint with only the surface without drawing an outline, you can create a nice simplistic detail because it creates a line for every small overlap. Here are some tips to draw better with less.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

1. Drawing plants

I will teach you how to draw various plants that can be easily seen at home or outdoors. There are countless types of plants, but if you know how to draw only one leaf and one petal, they are all applicable to most plants and you can easily draw anything.

2. Drawing objects

I will teach you how you can easily and simply draw your favorite books arranged on your bookshelf and things you can easily encounter in my daily life, such as accessories in your bag.

3. landscape drawing

A serene afternoon home, what you did on the weekend. Since everything you look at is a landscape, think of what you want to draw with pictures! With the application of plant and prop drawings, you can access landscape drawings more easily.

Vintage food illustrations emphasized the texture and appearance of food by exaggerating the crunchiness of bread or the glistening of ice cubes. You will learn to capture the same feeling in your own drawings by the end of this course.

4. Drawing figures, the easy way

It is not difficult drawing people. By grabbing the volume with simple shapes and drawing it with the feeling as if you were trimming the body, you can easily draw humans. I can draw a person who seems real enough even if there is no expressions of muscle or contrast.

5. Landscape and people, anything freely

Learn to draw whatever you want! If everyday becomes the theme, there is no limit to what you can draw. Favorite things, food, people, good destinations, places, and even scenes from movies! If you start painting your monotonous daily life, it will become even more special.

Tips for Using Markers

Depending on the saturation of the colors you use, your illustration can be modern and stylish, or it can be a bright and vibrant picture. You need to know the colors that make up warm paintings, chic paintings, etc. to lead the atmosphere of paintings.

Even if you use the same color, the feeling can change depending on how you use it by gradation and by dividing and coloring the area! In addition, we will reveal all the small tips that will make your painting even more stunning, such as the features of color development on various papers and the use of point colors!

Paint on your own

On a leisurely weekend, draw a picture using your favorite color in a café. Draw is an easy and powerful way to make your ordinary life a little special.





I’m OurWASAB, an illustrator who majored in oriental painting, and now draws personal works of art.

I like to draw the people and emotions around me with the thought, 'If you draw everyday, ordinary things into pictures, it becomes something special'.

The reason I draw is because I feel the closest to myself because the moments when I draw are the moments I can concentrate on myself and sincerely express myself.

I want to continue drawing with my hobbies, jobs, and things I love the most.



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