Complete conquest of the classic Hot Dog! Part.2 (Until preparation for obtaining a civilian certificate as a hand knitting instructor after school)



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Skills You’ll Learn

Large needle making a variety of patterns

In place pattern making, lace pattern knitting, cross pattern knitting, color matching pattern making

Crochet various patterns

Square-making, net-making, bead-making, waffle making, jasmine making, pico making, twisting

How to draw a pattern

The components of the design (development diagram, detail, finish, description)

Gauge measurements

1 pattern, rubber knitting pattern, continuous pattern knitting pattern

Pattern arrangement

Center pattern, continuous pattern, vertical pattern

Nose, short calculation

square, triangle, circle

Designing fashion accessories

Shawl (neck warmer), cape, hat

Designing household items

Square knitting, net pattern, various patterns

Crochet increase and decrease technique

Short knitting, long knitting, nose reduction, lengthening, song book, oblique knitting

Needle thickening technique

1 Nose squeezing nose making, nose reduction and lengthening, oblique line, curve knitting

color scheme

Three attributes of color, simultaneous contrast, color-oriented color scheme, tone-oriented color scheme

Color expression

Language image scale, seasonal image scale, fashion theme


In order to take the certification exam, you must complete and submit the course list included in the textbook.

If you would like to take the certification exam, please purchase the textbook.

Preparation materials for learning basic hand knitting techniques will be prepared in <The Complete Conquest of the True Stone of the Hot Dog Part 1>.

Part 2 Creative design preparations produced during the design process can be prepared individually with the desired materials and auxiliary materials!

Complete conquest of the classic

Even obtaining a handkerchief instructor certificate (civilian certificate) after school!

those Second class

Start step by step with how to hold a needle and the process of putting a thread on your finger.
If you record that process in a research notebook, it becomes an asset!

I will introduce the class.

Hello? We are Kim Young-hee and Jang San, who are friends of “Jiin Vogue School.”

I'll introduce the lessons we've prepared right away.

This is a hand knitting class where beginners in knitting can completely conquer the basic techniques of hand knitting, learn design while making props, and prepare for a handkerchief instructor certificate (civilian certificate) after school.

The whole lesson begins step by step with the process of holding a needle and putting a thread on a finger. Don't worry if your nose is crooked or crooked. Little by little, as time passes to create the work, it will appear neatly. There may be individual differences, but usually after a 6-month training period, the creation itself will not be difficult.

Fill out the research notes I've created and sent to you for this class!

(📍 Research notes can be purchased when taking Part 1!)

What's the best way to improve your knitting skills? You'll know that if you teach someone.

Write research notes with the intention of teaching someone in the future. That's one tip for writing research notes:)

Assume that a student asks you how this comes up, and if you answer it, you'll be able to check your skills and quickly fill in the gaps to improve your skills! Your research notes will also be filled with your skills as you study one class, one course at a time.

I'll show you “how to catch fish.”

Crochet can be applied in a variety of ways to create beautiful works even if you know basic techniques such as chain knitting and short knitting. Needlework can also do a lot of things even if you know the basics of nose making, outer knitting, and nose finishing. In this way, the foundation is not only practice, but also a creative time to create a work of its own. Our curriculum is not an exercise for practice, but rather a creative practice that continues to create works.

📍 Curriculum introduction!

Let me introduce the class curriculum. The class is divided into 2 parts.

The curriculum for each part is as follows.

< Part 1 ️ > Curriculum ---> Last class!

  1. A hamtte made with basic techniques and basic pattern making skills
  2. Correcting the wrong part of the comment that often occurs at the beginning
  3. Big needle pattern and knitting
  4. Crochet various motifs
  5. About organizing items, using tools, selecting materials, and drawing
  6. Applying a pattern

< Part 2 ️ > Curriculum ---> ✨ This class!

  1. Various pattern making
  2. How to write a design (basic information, development diagram, symbol map, completeness, description)
  3. Gauge measurement and codan output (1 pattern, continuous pattern, large pattern)
  4. Production of works according to a design created by oneself (mission, community, and comment feedback)
  5. Complete conquest of reduction techniques (nose reduction, stretching, vibration, neck circumference, shoulder sagging, oblique crotch, etc.)
  6. Color matching theory
  7. Finalization (preparation for the certification exam): Organize your own curriculum, write a guide plan for the next year, etc.

Gauge measurement and nose level acid

In this Part 2 ️ class, we will learn about “design”

The design is a blueprint for the work I will create. Here, you will learn the rules of design step by step to become a blueprint that not only you can understand, but also a blueprint that a third party can understand and create.

Of course, they also understand the materials and learn more and more knitting techniques. Then, I try to create a work according to the exact pattern. Experience the joy that comes with the design you made and the work created according to that pattern.

In addition, in Part 2 ️, you will learn about making various patterns, designing, color schemes, calculation of cords, thickening and decreasing techniques, and after-school hand knitting instructor qualification courses

The picture above is an example of an increasing/decreasing technique class. You can completely conquer crochet, how to reduce and lengthen the nose of a large needle, vibration circumference, neckline, shoulder points, and oblique knitting with a single knitting base.

pale tone, light tone, bright tone

▶ pale tone, light tone, bright tone

I find it difficult when making color arrangements while knitting. Confidence falls. I think it's awkward, and I don't think it's going to fit in. As you learn about the three properties of color, seasonal images, contrasts, and various proven color schemes, you will learn about color schemes with more confidence.

I use my own design time to complete designs and creations through feedback from my friend and Dr. Jang San

강사자격증 취득 예상문제

▶ Expected issues for obtaining a lecturer certificate

At the end of the second level class, you will learn how to get a certification as an after-school hand knitting instructor. It contains the know-how to conduct after-school learning along with practical exercises in organizing a curriculum for actual on-site attendance, preparing what to bring, and actually planning a lesson. After school, I will also guide you through the process of obtaining a certificate as a handkerchief instructor and the expected types of issues.



Welcome to The Complete Conquest of the Classic of Knitting PART.2 (Part 2)


Various large needle patterns: If you look at the large needle pattern now, you think it will pop up a bit, right?


Various crochet patterns: If you look at the crochet pattern now, you think it will pop up a bit, right?


How to write a design: How to record a knitting blueprint


Gauge measurement: pattern arrangement and completion of various fabrics


Nose and sweet calculation: This is how the nose and tip are determined


Fashion accessory design and hamte: the first design I made! I'm a designer


Household goods design: bag design, time to make my own work


Complete the crochet increase and decrease technique! Hanjib Hamte: Now I'm free to reduce or stretch my crochet. How to view a design


Complete conquest of the large needle increase and decrease technique! One piece of Hamte: Now I'm free to reduce or increase the number of needles. How to view a design


Color scheme: Ah! Even if the color scheme is good, it's tickling...


Color scheme expression: the language that color speaks


Color scheme and hamte: I'm casual, are you modern? No, I'm pretty


Getting ready for class: I am now a hand knitting teacher too!


Now, you're not a beginner in hand knitting. Become a teacher as an expert




This is Jiin Vogue School

We started hand knitting classes in 2006, and we have produced many instructors through reasonable hand knitting production and training activities. We will now begin teaching on the Internet through class 101.






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