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Complete Conquest of Needle Knitting: Learn From the Base and Make Your Own Knitted Clothes



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Skills You’ll Learn


How to measure to make clothes that fit your body perfectly


How to design various knits such as round necks and v-necks

Selecting Materials, Patterns and Swatches

How to choose the material, choose the pattern, and make a swatch

Measuring Row and Loop for Knitting

How to measure row and loop in detail

Production Technique

How to learn the key points of hand knitting production techniques

No more struggle in hand knitting! Follow my steps and let's conquer this!

Hello, this is Giinvogue school. In this class, I've prepared a course where you can learn the skills to make your own hand-knitted clothing. This is the class where you can design and make your own vests.

Class Takeaways

First we'll learn the basics of making hand-knitted clothing

  • Sizing Body
  • Drawing drafts

Next, we'll learn how to freely design a hand-knitted vest.

  • Designing silhouettes
  • Drafting round neckline
  • Drafting V neckline
  • Drafting drop shoulder vest

  • Color selection
  • Tips on organizing materials
  • Material selections
  • Various vest designs

  • Measuring pattern gauges
  • Arranging patterns
  • Checking overall dimensions
  • Measuring stitches and rows
  • Producing oblique increase/decrease stitches and rows
  • Producing curve increase/decrease stitches and rows
  • Picking up stitches and border stitching
  • Drawing a hard copy

Finally, you'll learn the basics of how to increase or decrease stitches and rows in hand knitting.

  • Shaping
  • Neck collar
  • Drop shoulder

Make Your Own Knitting Clothes
As You Imagined!



[Must-Have Item] Design a Custom Hand-Knitted Design


Design a Custom Hand Knitted Vest


Learn About Knit Fabric Composition, Loop, and Row


Learn How to Knit Points




Hello, this is Giinvogueschool.

I've been researching and teaching hand knitting since 2006.

It has been quite a long time since I started teaching offline.

I am so excited t open this hand-knit design class online too.

This is a class where you can give it a try, and make whatever you've wanted to make based on your measurements while enjoying hand knitting.

Now that the awareness of copyright is very important in South Korea, the importance of the design copyright in the market and the sales revenue has become a highly marketable product.

Thus, keep learning and try sharing your own works, and designs. Eventually, you'll be able to sell your designs!

Now is the era of creativity and the knowledge industry.

I'm planning to continue serializing it.

I hope that my hand-knitting system is widely known!

Thank you.






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