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Skills You’ll Learn

Commodity market analysis and competitor analysis

Use tools provided by Amazon and external tools to identify the market to which your products belong.

Ad keyword settings

Use competitor data to set keywords and match types to run ads.

Hero Campaign & Keyword Search

Set up a test campaign and find the hero campaign that drives revenue.

Report analysis

Learn how to make 100% use of the ad reports provided by Amazon.

▶ Class promotional video

It's not just a lecture full of theory!

We even offer discount codes for manuals and paid tools from Amazon agencies!

Even if you use 100% of the advertising features provided by Amazon,

You can capture both revenue and advertising efficiency.

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▶ Student reviews

Make money with Amazon,

Would it be possible to just send it to FBA?

Absolutely not. On Amazon, where there are so many sellers, it's really unlikely that customers will come in looking for your products. That's why ads are a must for first-time sellers.

However, if you advertise casually, all the money you earn from Amazon and Amazon advertising costs will be spent.

That's why if you're a seller, you need to know everything about advertising! You can increase sales and increase listing rankings even if you make good use of Amazon ads!

Your ad

What is the reason for showing a graph like this?

There are four reasons for the decline in advertising revenue & efficiency.

✅ Hero's keyword is absent

✅ Campaign leak

✅ Ad types

✅ Inability to prepare ads in advance

광고 매출 & 효율 저하의 원인

What is Contact, a consulting firm specialized in Amazon

This is how we run ads!

내 상품이 속한 시장을 분석, 경쟁자들을 분석

▶ Analyze the market to which my product belongs and analyze competitors

시장과 경쟁사 데이터를 통해 키워드 선별, Match Type 설정

▶ Select keywords and set match types using market and competitor data

히어로 캠페인과 히어로 키워드

▶ Hero campaigns and hero keywords

Campaign 리포트, Search Term 리포트를 통해 광고 성과 측정, 나쁜 광고는 비중을 줄여 관리

▶ Measure ad performance through campaign reports and search term reports, and manage bad ads by reducing the weight

In addition, the following topics will also be covered.

✔️Set the right ad type according to your budget and listing maturity level!

✔️Automate ad management using rule-based ad management tools!

Know-how accumulated by acting on behalf of 1,000 companies,

Take it as is!

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▶ Real examples

After listening to this course

📍 You can grow into an individual seller with billions of dollars in sales.

📍 You can grow into an Amazon marketer recognized by the company

📍 You can run ads that make money instead of ads that cost money

📍 You can plan and implement advertising strategies considering the marketing funnel.

📍 You can extract performance campaigns from test campaigns.

Vivid reviews from students, you must know them too.

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When I first started Amazon, I really didn't have any information about Amazon advertising. So for a long time, I had no choice but to learn by bumping into the field.

But you guys are different. I will generously unravel the practical strategies and know-how I have gained from my experience acting on behalf of 1,000 clients in lectures, so I hope you will be rewarded with sales.





🏆 CEO of Contact Co., Ltd.

🏆 Amazon Korea External Company (Account Management Agency Division)

🏆 Achieved a cumulative total of 1,000 companies entering Amazon in 2021

🏆 Small and Medium Venture Business Promotion Corporation Received the first prize for the online direct export support project organized by the organization

🏆 Export voucher operator (3 years in a row, cumulative sales of 1.5 billion)

🏆 Has many teaching experiences including KOTRA, Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, Economic and Trade Promotion Agency, Youth Entrepreneurship Academy, and Small Commercial Market Promotion Corporation

🏆 Amazon YouTube Kontactic, operated by Han In Gilbaek

Hello, I'm Isaac Lee, CEO of Contact Co., Ltd., which supports Korean companies entering Amazon.

Since 2013, I have been running eBay and Amazon-related businesses in anticipation of the growth of domestic and overseas online market businesses. Since 2015, I have been focusing and focusing only on Amazon for about 7 years, creating various best-selling products, and now I am running Contact Co., Ltd., which works to help domestic manufacturers effectively sell products on Amazon.

How do you succeed among so many Amazon products?

The answer is advertising.

PPC ads are now a necessity rather than an option when it comes to generating initial sales of my products and getting reviews. However, if ads are not properly set up and managed, the money earned by Amazon will be returned to Amazon as is. I am developing this Amazon PPC advertising training program in the hope that domestic sellers will not experience such a thing by all means.

This course is a masterpiece that contains all of the know-how I've learned and felt while launching 1,000 companies on Amazon and running advertisements. It covers everything from ad keyword setting, bid management, advertising media expansion, and full-funnel strategies on Amazon, and is a unique course where you can learn all aspects of advertising, from automation to reporting.

We hope that individual sellers, companies, and corporate managers who have entered Amazon will take this course and experience simultaneous growth in terms of sales and advertising efficiency.

People who have only launched one or two products can't understand your concerns. Experience sales growth with me, who has seen many examples of Amazon!





Kontactic Brunch

Kontactic Brunch

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