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Meet <World History Event Files through Storytelling! > #인물편



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Scissors, sign pen, brush, water bottle
4 Class Projects

It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete one class project.

  • Thomas Aquinas Pop-Up Card

  • Purification Fleet Giraffe

  • A New Continent in World History

  • Find fun games in pictures

Skills You’ll Learn

World history character knowledge

With theatrical classes, you can feel the vibrancy of people from world history!

Masterpiece story

Develop your knowledge of history and art with stories of famous paintings linked to world history!

Complete your own amazing art

I finished my own wonderful work with my teacher!

클래스101에서만 공개하는 모나르떼의 특별 선물

▶ Monarte's special gift that can only be revealed in Class 101

In the meantime, world history is too obvious

Classes with different classes for students who have learned

What is the importance of “world history”

It's going to keep getting bigger in the future.

Many education experts are commenting on the importance of world history.

Once upon a time, it was an age where only we had to work hard, now we are in an age where no matter how hard we work, we will be affected by the economic crisis originating in the United States.

It is in the same context that oil prices in Korea are currently rising due to wars in other countries. Another example is that fine dust from other countries affects the color of the sky in our country.

The earth is already tightly connected like a “village.” In this global era, the importance of “learning about world history” is bound to increase day by day.

For friends who want to learn about world history “properly”

Be sure to listen to this class!

# Conversations with great people in history? # The power to see the world beautifully

The reason we met world history and storytelling in this class is to let our kids experience world history that they can remember without having to memorize it.

Anyone can feel bored in a world history course with extensive content and characters and events from other countries that they are not familiar with.

So it's like Organize classes so that you can learn about world history in an interesting way as if a great person in history tells a storyI did.

In the meantime, friends who felt bored with one-size-fits-all world history classes centered on memorization,

Now there's a story “A class with a different class”Let's break through the flow of history in a short time with!

With 'storytelling' without getting bored

You can get into world history!

#인기 Live Class with VOD # Verified Curriculum

Great people in history
You're telling me a story?

Various characters are drawn into a scene from history! It's appearing.

Through a staged development I feel like I'm in direct contact with the students, and the level of immersion increases infinitely.

It's like watching a fun YouTube videoYou can learn about global events and people with.

Through Chashi Star's “Masterpiece Story”

It also enriches cultural sensitivity!

The power of a masterpiece is amazing.

Some people get comfort and emotion from appreciating masterpieces, and others get joy and happiness.

How will my child feel when they see a masterpiece? Learn stories related to the work through the “Masterpiece Stories” section Rich in cultural sensitivityIt can happen.

The sense of accomplishment you feel in your next art activity will be a driving force for you to participate more actively in classes.

Create in line with what you've learned

Complete your own work with art activities!

One effective way to study that has been proven as a result of research is to “try it out.” The learning pyramid shows the percentage that remains in memory 24 hours after studying in various ways as a pyramid. The percentage of actual attempts was 75%.

In this class, you can also feel the sense of accomplishment of completing your own work through an art experience, and through crafting activities linked to what you have learned The effect of being able to remember longerYou can even experience it.

From world history, humanities, and art history with just this class

The fact that everything is possible!

Learn about 'world history' through global events,

Learn 'humanities' through the characters in the incident

Learn about “art history” through painting masterpieces.

이 클래스를 다 듣고 나면?

▶ What if I finish taking this class?

Let's meet in the “World History through Storytelling” class!



“World History Incident File” class where you can meet through storytelling

Chapter 01

You think there's a god? Uncle Thomas Aquinas, is that true?

Chapter 02

Who discovered “diplomacy,” which connects countries to countries?

Chapter 03

Who discovered the new continent?

Chapter 04

Who am I called “Leonardo da Vinci” from the Netherlands?


wow! The world's case file is complete!




Hallo I'm Kang Jung-gu, the instructor of this class, who has been with children for 13 years in many museums and children's education broadcasts.

I have given lectures on “Children's Excavation Experience” at the Gyeonggi-do Museum, the winter vacation program “Dongdong Haha”, the special exhibition “Communicating with the Museum” for the 70th anniversary of Gwangbok, and “Lalala Puu” on EBS.

I play the role of a “storyteller” who tells children about the difficult humanities in an easy and fun way, and I feel proud every moment of class.

I'm already excited to meet the kids and talk about various things in this class too!

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