Using a tablet and photoshop
5 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete one class project.

  • Your own character drawn by yourself

  • My character captured on everyday photos

  • Illustrations that capture moments of travel

  • Illustrations depicting the surrounding background

  • An illustration of everyday life

Skills You’ll Learn

Creating Your Own Character

The world you create would be empty without a character of your own. Learn how to easily create a character using simple points and lines.

Drawing Your Character

Next you need to bring your character to life. I’ll show you how to give your character facial expressions, easily draw hands and feet, and draw clothes on your character.

Coloring the Background

A background will make your illustration feel more complete, and you don’t need to make it super complicated! I’ll teach you how you can enrichen your illustration using only a few colors.

Capturing Your Everyday Life

This class focuses on finding inspiration from your everyday life. Draw out the people around you, the objects you see, and complete illustrations that reflect the happiness you feel in life.

Finding Your Style

I will give you the guidelines you need to create on your own. I’ll walk you through different techniques of expressing the world around you, from using textures and layers, to adding depth. Take the skills you’ve learned and find your own style.

Create Illustrations That Warm Your Heart

I want to draw a blanket-like picture that can warmly cover my viewers. So when they need something warm, they can grab it and cover themselves in the warmth.

In the past, I only thought about drawing “well”. The composition of the background needed to be perfect, and I studied anatomy because I wanted my characters to look as realistic as possible. I could paint well, but I think I couldn't draw good illustrations.

I thought a lot about how to make my art stand out among the millions of works of art already circulating through the world. After worrying for a long time, I put down the things I had been studying and started looking for more important things with a child-like mind. That’s how I developed my own characteristics and strength.

To tell you some tricks..

First Is Simple But Powerful Colors.

You can express the story you want to tell in a rich way without using all the brilliant colors that exist in reality. I will teach you how to create depth with a few, simple colors.

Second Is The Story.

There are so many stories in the world and you may be wondering which one to draw. I focus on the story of people’s daily life. It's the charm of everyday life that shines simply without great adventures or fancy formulas.

The Last Is Speech Bubbles.

Speech bubbles in illustrations are just as important as the drawings themselves. They express the emotions and situations of the person in short sentences. It captures memories in a different way from the diary I used to write when I was a kid.

You can keep your own stories and everyday life as pictures. You can remember those moments for longer, in a more precious and sweeter way.

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Welcome to Grim B’s Digital Drawing Class


The Basics of Photoshop


Creating Your Character’s Face


Drawing Your Character


Adding a Background


Drawing Your Daily Life


Coloring is the Easiest


Increasing Quality


Congratulations on Finishing the Class!




Hello, I’m Sungtae Bae (Grim B), an illustrator and your instructor.

I live with my wife and three cats. I write stories and write books based on the life that we live. In the theme of happiness and love, I am creating various works starting my wife and I, and our cats.

One day on our honeymoon, I suddenly decided that I wanted to hold onto our precious daily life, so I started drawing it. Unlike special stories that are easily remembered, everyday life seems to pass us by and disappear if you don't try and remember it.

I like it when you look at a drawing and you can reimagine those moments like a video playing in your mind. You can think of it as leaving a drawing for moments that you can’t capture in a photo.

I want to draw a blanket-like picture that can warmly cover the reader. When you need something warm, you can grab it and cover yourself with it.


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