11 chapters · 3 hours 7 minutes
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A la carte cuisine made using seasonal ingredients
8 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour and a half to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Super simple soft tofu salad

  • Potato pickles

  • Deok Garlic Zonggyeopsal Rolls with Peanut Sauce

  • Spicy Seasoned Crab

  • Yoamami signature cold shrimp octopus dish

  • Luxury steamed beef ribs

  • Chicken stew

  • Ikken marbled shiraegi hot pot

Skills You’ll Learn

How to be good at cutting knives

Learn how to properly cook for easy cooking.

Various ways to use a mining knife

Learn how to use the chopping knife, which is used differently depending on the menu.

How to clean seafood and meat

Learn how to clean seafood and meat for a refreshing taste.

How to care for herbs

Learn how to care for herbs without getting tired.

Making broth

Learn how to make various broths that are used as a base for soup dishes.

Making 3 types of zidan

Learn how to complete the famous Jeollan, Huang, and Baek Zidan.

Decorating methods that make use of visuals

You will learn how to prepare and decorate food to improve the completeness of food.

How to store leftover materials

Learn how to store leftover ingredients affordably.

With menus that have satisfied many students after more than 15 years of verification

I'm going to instill confidence in cooking in all of you!

My name is Yoamami Kim Ho-jung, who runs a cooking class. I met students while running an offline home-cooked cooking class in Ilsan. Because I've been focusing on cooking for a long time, a lot of people visited me, and it took me about a year to wait for a particular menu class. We do our best every day not to let you down by these grateful steps.

Perhaps, for those who don't put much meaning into eating, cooking may not be a hobby that changes my life right away in a day or two. But one meal, two meals The dishes we have tried with a light heart make our daily lives healthier and richer.

Just as it feels as simple as learning any trick, through the method I suggest Why don't you just think about having a small hobby and start cooking?

It contains the right recipe, so that the taste is evenly completed without any deviation no matter who makes it.

If you are a student who has given up on cooking or is upset because of failure after following several recipes that have not been verified on the internet, I recommend watching the Class 101 video to try my cooking.

Not a single recipe for making broth Because I will let you know with 15 years of know-how from Yoamami It's a proven, solid recipe that is mostly said to be delicious even if you just roll it up with somen noodles.

I'll also send you a recipe note (PDF file)

Even after the course is over, we'll provide additional recipe notes so you can continue your cooking journey!

I'll teach you as kindly as my mom so that even a complete beginner who is not good at cutting knives can follow along step by step.

The target audience for this class was beginner and elementary and intermediate.

For beginners and beginners, we will cover how to make broth, which is commonly used in all Korean dishes, how to care for vegetables, how to store meat, and how to prepare seafood.

In addition, you can also learn how to care for and store ingredients, shopping, and tips for completing and setting dishes. Even the basics, such as how to hold a knife without getting tired of your hands, and how to maintain a knife!

Enjoy a delicious Korean meal made with your own hands!





I'm Yoamami Kim Ho-jung, who runs “Yoamami Cooking Studio” in Ilsan

Growing up in a home with only four daughters, I was always the one to eat instead of a mom who worked since I was a child.

At first, people who find it difficult to cook don't really understand it.

By the way When I met various students while running a cooking class, I learned what parts were difficult and how to help them with those difficult parts.

If it's a story I'd like to tell my young friends who live these days, where convenience store bento boxes come out so well, and friends who shake their heads when they think it's a home-cooked meal eaten by the sun when they go outside the door, Cooking isn't all that difficult.

Using my 15 years of know-how, Pomna will help you complete your own meal using easy and simple recipes!

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