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A cup of colorful tea
10 Class Projects

It takes about 15 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • A perfect cup of green tea (leaf tea)

  • Enjoy a variety of green tea blends and tea pairings

  • A cup of rainbow-flavored fermented tea

  • A cup of tea that you can easily drink with us, and a tea pairing

  • A perfect cup of matcha tea (powdered tea)

  • Various powdered teas and tea pairings

  • A warm drink made with matcha

  • A refreshing drink made with matcha

  • Hot drink made with leaf tea

  • A refreshing drink made with leaf tea

Skills You’ll Learn

Broad and shallow knowledge for intelligent conversations about tea

Learn basic background knowledge such as the definition, classification, processing method, and ingredients of tea.

Diverse tea culture

Learn about different and similar tea cultures in each country.

The way you look at a car

Let's talk about the variety and value of tea time.

The taste of green tea

For the perfect cup of green tea, we learn how to blend and pair tea dishes.

Fermented tea & substitute tea

This is a time to enjoy a variety of flavors of fermented tea/substitute tea.

The taste of matcha

Learn more about matcha, from the origin of matcha to its definition, and the Rainforest Act.

Home tea recipe

Learn how to make tea variations that can be served to customers in an elegant way.

A deep break with a sip of tea

It inspires everyday life.

Hello, looking at Seoul Forest A space centered around special teaIt is a matcha tea that operates. In addition to the taste of tea, we strive to provide an experience where you can enjoy the tea process.

This class Those who love tea, those who want to love teaIt's prepared for Tea depends on the method, time, temperature, etc. There are many differences in aroma and flavor It could be different. Brewing without difficulty A cup of finished tea, making use of the original taste variations, while being simple so that you can feel a variety of pleasures in the process and find only the inner piece A tea ceremony faithful to the essenceI'll let you know until

The endless world of tea,

Let's enjoy it in a variety of ways.

From leaf tea to powdered tea and substitute tea While brewing and tasting various teas together Your own home tea room to awaken your sensesI'll help you make it. Tea is also described as a variety of flavors of life. for your own special car Tea blendingI will also do it so that you can try it easily and in a fun way.

What does tea taste like to you?

The taste can be different for every person who feels it, and there is no answer Delicate feelingThis is it. This is especially true of cars. Even if the same tea is brewed in the same way, depending on the air of the day, depending on the person you are with, or according to the conversation you have It has a different taste and aroma, and a different memoryIt's going to be.

So what's more, I think tea time should be enjoyed and remembered as it is, rather than being evaluated? Looking at that cup with a pure heart There's nothing more important than me having a generous time for myself and the people I work with.

The process of drinking tea

A guide to quiet fun

Through this class, I would like to give you a practical guide to help you enjoy a cup of tea in a more comfortable, healthy, and diverse way in your daily life.

1. Broad and shallow knowledge for intelligent conversations about tea

Let's talk about basic background knowledge such as the definition, classification, and chemical effects of tea that you should know.

2. The way you look at a car

We will also talk about attitudes and perspectives on tea, including the diverse culture of tea, the variety of tea time, and the value it gives us.

3. A variety of ways to enjoy tea time for yourself

Deliciously divided into green tea, fermented tea, and powdered tea, we learn a variety of ways, simple yet faithful to the essence of tea ceremony, tea pairings suitable for tea, and blending.

4. Classy home-home tea recipes

Learn about leaf tea that can be served to customers in an elegant way, and various tea variations recipes using powdered tea.

What you can gain from classes

Through this class, you will also gain knowledge and methods about tea, but beyond that, I can create the value I want to pursue in my life on my own. An inspirational timeI hope it becomes.

If the time of a very everyday cup of tea, also known as everyday reflection, becomes a habit of the warm gaze I send to me and that time becomes meaningful, this small beginning Make your life richer and healthier I'm sure I'll be able to make a big difference.

Here's an inner-piece time that fills your daily life with comfort and health.

Tea presents relaxation and inspiration for everyday life

We, who are used to a hectic daily life, look at the screen without a break and think about other things because of the temper of having to do something even during recess.

Even for those of us who have to spend such a productive time, tea time naturally brings my heart to this place.

From the fragrant scent that touches the tip of the nose and makes you feel better, the search for a clear and clean tea that purifies the mind, the delicate flavor that spreads softly in the mouth, and the comfort transmitted from the touch of wrapping tea utensils with warm warmth,

True relaxation seems to happen when the body and mind come together.

Bring warm water to a boil, and a scoop of green matcha

If you brush it out in a lane with a fragrant scent,

A cup of matcha with a soft, silky, creamy foam,

Take a truly deep break from that one sip.





As a lifestyle brand centered on specialty tea, we operate a tea bar space overlooking Seoul Forest. Since opening, we have been sharing tea-centered experiences with many people through various programs such as T-COS, T-Class, Yoga & Tea Class, and Jeju Retreat for about 2 years. I am preparing for this class because I want to share these values with more people while watching many people get relaxation and relaxation in their daily lives and minds through the experience of a cup of tea. I am sure that a relaxing time with a cup of tea that fills your daily routine will make for a more pleasant and healthy lifestyle.



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