Skills You’ll Learn

Shooting with a smartphone

You'll learn how to shoot emotionally using a smartphone camera.

Cinematic angles of view and framing

On your own, you'll learn how to shoot with a cinematic angle of view and composition.

Retouch photos with Lightroom

You'll learn how to use Lightroom to retouch photos with a refined sensibility.

Premiere Pro video editing/color correction

You'll learn how to edit videos and correct colors using Premiere Pro.

Running a YouTube channel

You'll learn how to create records as content and how to analyze data.

Making a poster frame from archival materials

Make your own interior accessories poster frame with photos you've taken and retouched

Hallo 'Massef' Creator

This is Draw & Ryu.

Hallo I am Creator Draw & Ryu runs the emotional vlog channel 'Masseh My Safe Space'It's.

After majoring in visual video design, I went through a stationery brand, fashion lifestyle brand, and interior brand company in California, USA, and now I have returned to Korea to work as a creator 'Draw & Drew'.

Record your daily life in an emotional way.

▶ Author's YouTube video

Why do you want to record? My records have made a lot of difference in my life. When I was working as a stationery designer, the photos I posted on Instagram spread to the community, and even though it was an unrecognized brand, I was introduced to 'Buzzfeed', and I entered a large selection shop such as' Anthropologie ', and created an opportunity for design collaboration and one-day classes by recording photos of calligraphy I learned as a hobby on Instagram.

Since then, my record has helped me a lot in working as an influencer, and recently I have a YouTube channel called “My Safe Space” Achieved 100,000 subscribers in 4 months after startingI did. In my class, I will cover not only how to emotionally record everyday life, but also the process of how to make those records into your own content.

With this class, you can save 3 things.

The first one is time.

We are modern people living busy lives. There are so many things to do. In fact, I run my main YouTube channel called “Draw & Flow,” and I'm doing various jobs such as lectures and consulting broadcasts, so I don't have enough time.

I can extract maximum output with minimal resources I created a system and invested just one day a week to create videos of “Massefus.” Through this class, I A system that produces great results in a limited timeI'll let you know.

🔋 The second is energy.

The purpose of this class is to emotionally record everyday life. This is not a class for becoming a professional video director or photographer. All we need to do is enjoy our precious everyday lives and take a moment to emotionally record those moments. Also, by using digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and blogs, we can easily archive our daily lives like a diary You can do it.

So in this class Take all your photos and videos using just one smartphoneI'll do it. Smartphones are very portable compared to cameras, so we can always carry them with us in our daily lives, and we can easily take them out and record those moments quickly, saving our energy.

💸 The third one is money.

“Which camera should I buy?” This is a question I hear a lot. I shot all the videos of “Massefp” with a single smartphoneHowever, most people can't tell if I'm using a camera or a smartphone. I'll save that money.

You can get all the photos, videos, editing, color correction, and YouTube channel management tips for less than half the cost of buying a camera. No more wasting time, energy, or money. Because this class is enough to emotionally record your daily life.

Don't learn techniques

Learn the senses.

I majored in visual video design at university and learned professional photography techniques and video production techniques. I learned specialized skills in photography and video by learning various jargon from aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field to key light, fill light, backlight, etc., but it was useless to record my daily life or run a YouTube channel. Anyone can learn that by studying. No... Your smartphone will take care of it without you having to learn.

What we really need sensoryThis is it.

The feeling of being able to emotionally record everyday life with just one smartphone,

The sense of creating content from a record.

“Today's IT technology does not require individuals who perform common tasks to acquire special skills. This is because technology continues to advance so that anyone can use it conveniently and easily through a computer or mobile device.”
<Being good at work> - Yamaguchi Shu, Kusunoki Gen

There are people who can't cook in a spacious kitchen even with expensive cooking utensils, while others cook impressive dishes with just one Daiso frying pan. There are people who don't get tired even if they wear expensive luxury goods, while others wear Dongdaemun clothes and are fashionable.

With minimal resources

Learn Massefs' sense of getting the most out of it.

Let's meet in class!

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Let's take a look at the process of recording everyday life with photos and videos.


Let's record our daily life emotionally with a smartphone.


Add a spoonful of emotion to your photos with Lightroom


Let's shoot a vlog video in earnest.


Let's edit the video we shot.


Add a spoonful of masseh sensibility to the video


How to turn records into content


Congratulations on your stubbornness.


My Safe Space

My Safe Space

Hello I'm DRAW&DREW who runs the emotional vlog channel <My Safe Space>.

I majored in visual video design and worked as a graphic designer in the US for 5 years, and now I'm working as a creator in Korea.

In the process of growing up as a creator, the records of my daily life that I posted on social media with a single smartphone without any special equipment brought me many changes and opportunities.

We'll help you record your daily life in a valuable way.


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