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Creating a powerful pipeline centered on “experts” where anyone can get a salary quickly


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I'm not talking about catching a floating cloud.

We'll tell you how you can make money right away.

No expertise required. If you want to increase the value of life Everyone is coming. We will do our best to coach you so that you can generate profits in a short period of time. When you're not really greedy to make money, make concessions for others who need money to earn a living.

My last hope was an expert sideline,

Coming with confidence that it's a blow

In the meantime, I've been running profitable blogs represented by YouTube, Coupang Partners, and Adsense that make money, but the market was already overheated by Red Ocean. The monthly profit for a month was less than 10,000 won, so there were times when I grabbed a pillow and had a lot of luck, but I felt like picking up straws Eight months after I started working as an expert, I was able to earn exactly 20 million won or more in a month. I am convinced that Naver Expert is currently the best 'Blue Ocean' to generate revenue. Welcome as an expert. Expert Expert Capital's technology will guide you.


It is a capital technology that makes a profit of 20 million won or more per month.

Hello, I'm a beginner in my 20s who earns more than 20 million won per month as an expert as a side job.

- K-Site Money Plus Best Seller #1 (2021.07.10.)

- K-Site Expert e-book sales #1

- Exceed 200 students in just one month after the Expert Revenue Challenge was launched

- Monthly income exceeded 5 million won for students in the first month

As a result of the steady high profit of experts, it has been rotten in the original body A Louis Vuitton bag for my parents, I always lived fiercely and intensely with a heart of dedication until high profits were established I was gifted an apartment in my name. I now want to go beyond being an expert expert for regular customers and become an expert expert.

For Expert Pipeline

What things do I need?

You'll learn how to quickly get approved as a Naver Expert and grow it into a paycheck level pipeline. Furthermore, it is possible to build a strong profit pipeline centered on “experts” by helping to connect with platforms such as Naver Smart Store, Shopping Live, and T-Story. The experience of creating such a solid profit pipeline will be of great help to early retirement, financial independence, or your career.

1) The shortest way to achieve expert approval

2) How to make expert high-profit products

3) How to open an expert promotion channel and generate basic revenue

4) How to promote expert products

5) How to expand smart stores and shopping live

I'll definitely catch it.

Is there anyone who can give me information that makes money?

“Information about making money is usually only known to oneself, so who can tell others about it?”

월 2천 엑스퍼트, 누구나 월급벌기

▶ 2,000 monthly experts, everyone earns a salary

This question can be solved quickly in this class.



An opportunity to preempt Blue Ocean! Introducing Naver Expert

1. Naver Expert? Who are you!



Get a solid foundation! Expert Basics

1. Shall we get started? The fastest way to become an expert


2. Now I'm an expert too! The basics of expert counseling


3. What you must know about the high-yield direct line principle



Live! How to design high-profit products

1. Choosing products that captivate consumers


2. Live! From product registration to customer service



Live! Linkage & profit management method to win the competition

1. Integrated optimization site creation skills learned from real-world examples


2. Linkage website promotion skills


3. Revenue management skills to win the competition



Congratulations on your stubbornness!

1. Until the day when everyone steps on their way out





The 101AI class is designed so that AI can conduct classes on behalf of creators who have content. Learn the know-how of creators who unravel their own know-how while doing the work they love right now.

This lecture is “The Art of Capital” by the ArtistNaver Expert monthly profit know-how of 20 million won that anyone can do' It was created based on.

Preempting Blue Ocean in the turbulent COVID-19 era

Experts can gradually generate profits by putting in less labor, but in the end, human labor is bound to be put in.

This is because the UI of Expert Service will be improved in the future, but since it is currently inconvenient, experts play a role in reducing this inconvenience. If the platform itself cannot solve this problem right away technically because it is inconvenient for users to purchase their own products, it is impossible to generate high profits, then the experts themselves must solve the consumer's inconvenience, and labor will enter here.

Of course, compared to normal work, the working time spent at an expert is only about 30 minutes to 3 hours a day, so it is possible to work in parallel with the main job, but it may have the great advantage of being able to generate more profit if you invest more time than your main job, but I cannot invest more than 3 hours in expert activities because of the length of time required for my main job. Therefore, the time to earn profit from expert activities is limited to 3 hours a day, and selling 100 products of 5,000 won to 20,000 won per day is defined as a “full sales rate”, and once the full sales rate is reached, expert revenue generation for that day is stopped. In other words, we have designed a pipeline (revenue generation structure) that can reach a full sales rate every day, continue to earn high profits, and do not sell more than the full sales rate for Warlabel (work-life balance). Therefore, since I am not in a competitive relationship with you, I was able to start a kind of hobby where I nurture many people like me and enjoy the fun of small advice. If you have earned money through 8 months of hard work and hard work, please feel free to donate a portion of your profits to any place you want and certify me with the name 'Butterfly Effect Challenge'. We will share the great influence our little wings have on the world on YouTube.

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