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Through low carb recipes
19 Class Projects

It takes about 20 minutes to 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • A tasty way to drink water! Detox water

  • Smoothies that increase insulin sensitivity

  • Low-ford-map soup for sensitive intestines

  • Thai signature salad that satisfies all five senses

  • Marinated herbs and vegetables

  • The basics of cooking low-carb rice

  • Low-carb Hawaiian poke full of nutrients

  • Nasi goreng, a must-eat food before you die

  • Local Thai flavor, full and delicious flavor (rice noodles)

  • Sukiyaki, the very dish from a Japanese movie

  • Making the local flavors of Italy healthier and more delicious! Bolognese ragout (basic)

  • Making the local flavors of Italy healthier and more delicious! Bolognese ragout (application)

  • France's signature brunch galette

  • French mussel dish full of micronutrients

  • Hungary's signature stew goulash

  • Healthier argula pizza without flour

  • Spanish soul food seafood-filled paella with a significantly lower carb content

  • Get away from the potato chips! More delicious nutrient-rich vegetable chips

  • The world's most delicious high-protein chips and dips

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn the basics of a low carb diet.

I'll tell you the principles of a low carb diet and how and what to eat

A recipe to lighten the body

Start with a detox course, which is essential in a diet.

Various carbohydrate-restricted recipes

Here are a variety of rice and noodle dishes that are nutritious and low in carbs.

A healthy recipe to eat happily on a special day

You can find famous dishes from around the world that are more special and sophisticated.

Low-carb culinary researcher

This is Mooney Kitchen.

Hello:) I'm Choi Moon-jeong, a cooking researcher who is the author of “Mooney Kitchen's Low Carbonic Goji Diet” and runs a YouTube channel with 110,000 subscribers. As a child, I walked in and out of the emergency room as a child due to congenital asthma, and I was always obese because of my constitution, which made it easy to gain weight even if I ate the same amount as others.

Also, due to genetic factors, my blood sugar quickly rose to a high level even if I ate a small amount of carbohydrates, so I went on a low-carb diet.It's been 25 years since I tried to solve my problems. Through this class, I would like to share my low-carb recipes and practical know-how that I have completed through trial, trial, and research.

Loved people

Low carb recipes

Moms who always suffer from diabetes,
And efforts to defy genes

How can I maintain my health by eating a satisfying meal while watching and nursing a mother who is falling down due to diabetes? I was worried about that.Meanwhile, I was on kidney dialysis due to diabetes When I came across my mom's dietary guidelines, I naturally thought of the “ketogenic diet,” which I had learned about through medical books in the past.

Diabetic kidney dialysis patients cannot eat sodium, carbohydrates, minerals, or protein at will. I was on a high-protein, low-carb diet, and that's why I went on a chitogenic diet. I experiment with my body and often bring the right side dishes for my beloved mom.

After all, what is a starving diet

There is no choice but to fail.

Yes, that's right. Before the low-carb diet became popular, I already knew about the “ketogenic diet,” a diet for people with epilepsy, which is the ancestor of the low-carb diet. I thought it was a strange and fun diet, but I changed my diet due to my mother's kidney dialysis. I lost weight and kept my blood sugar stable even after eating a satisfying diet. I learned about the pros and cons of each diet while following various low-carb diets (low-carb, low-carb, low-carb). I would like to share with you all the experiences that I experienced and failed, but were so precious and valuable.

From the basics of low-carb recipes

From applications to world-famous cuisines

In class Burn, we have prepared a curriculum for people who want to practice a low-carb diet for the health of their families and themselves. Detox water that can be practiced in everyday life, how to cook rice and make noodles in a low carb way, signature menus from around the world that diversify the dining table, Join us for a new experience where our meals are converted to low carb.

Starting with the Milprep application

All of them, even snacks!

From know-how to start the day faster and lighter with low-carb cargo through Mille Prep to snack recipes that fill the gaps in the day If you learn, you'll be able to fill your day with health without feeling empty.

Of course sugar and flour

There is no 1.

Since all of these recipes are made without flour or sugar, I was able to present them to you with confidence. Never! It was delicious if it tasted better than a regular meal, but it's definitely not a tasteless recipe.

All with new content

Abundant application methods

The menu in the curriculum provides ideas for changing from a low-carb diet to a high-protein, vegetarian, or high-fat diet, so you can apply it without getting tired of it. Of course, all of this content is filled with new content that I haven't covered on my YouTube yet, so if you're an existing YouTube subscriber, you'll find it even more interesting.

More than a recipe

Even lifestyle

With the intention of making recipes while searching through medical books for my mom, I have also organized a curriculum with various tips and know-how so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. I will do my best so that all of you who confidently incorporate taste and health into cooking for your loved ones can have a healthier day! I'll see you in the lecture. Thank you.:)

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Hallo Choi Moon-jeong is the author of “Mooney Kitchen's Low-Carb Diet,” a food creator, and a low-carb cooking researcher. I started a low carb diet when I was young due to asthma and blood sugar issues. It's been 25 years since then. I maintained my diet for 25 years, went through a lot of trial and error, and changed it little by little. As a result, in addition to losing weight, I was able to live a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.





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