10 chapters · 2 hours 20 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Using a variety of ingredients
12 Class Projects

It takes about 15-30 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Pumpkin yogurt bowl

  • Avocado yogurt bowl

  • Carrot lappe hot dog

  • Red veggie hot dog

  • Little summer sandwich

  • Sweet pumpkin sandwich

  • Zucchini bacon panini

  • Anchovy Mushroom Panini

  • Salmon bagel

  • classic bagel

  • French dressing & salad

  • Tomato warm dressing salad

Skills You’ll Learn

Various sauces and dressings unique to Koji Little

We will show you the sauces and dressings that go well with each menu.

A stylish way to pack

Learn how to properly wrap sandwiches in paper and boxes.

How to take care of ingredients

We will show you how to select and maintain a variety of ingredients.

Tips for storing and selling materials!

From how to store ingredients and tips for actual sales! I'll let you know.

Application recipes that are easy to use

After creating a menu, we will also tell you additional recipes that you can use.

Hello, I'm Koji Little.
Special brunch recipes from sandwich restaurantsI will introduce it now.

Koji Little's sandwich is a “dish.”

A cafe I started because I liked sandwiches 'Koji Little' As I researched for seasonal menus and offline classes, I was able to accumulate a lot of recipes that I could share with many people. Combinations of various ingredients and sauces, and the right combination of flavorsThe process of finding out is the first beginning of cooking It's. For a first start, you need an accurate recipe Food is even more attractive when the texture of the ingredients, the temperature of the taste, and the visual effects are evenly distributedIt's going to be! It is Koji Little's sandwich that captures that charm.

The moment when healthy ingredients are even more attractive

Healthy vegetables to whet your appetiteHowever, there were many cases where I couldn't use up all the vegetables in the refrigerator all the time. The vegetables I bought to match the color of the dish and the stew are important main ingredients in my class. Sandwiches that are more special and luxurious when cooked with the right ingredientsYou can create.

Enrich your dining table

Bring ingredients that are easily available Healthy yogurt balls and salads that go well with sandwichesuntil! Yours Enrich your brunch table I'll make it for you. The curriculum includes a side menu that everyone of all ages likes, so it's even more fun to learn, right?

Doing something fun

Because it's my first business Create big and small opportunities and challenge again with the idea of not being afraid of failureI'm doing it. I also prepared lectures incorporating my own know-how with various experiences and information gained through in-store management, offline classes, and attendance. Reasonable know-how such as material storage and sales tipsLet's all start a fun job through my class containing!

Here's a special recipe book for Koji Little!

We'll give you a free PDF of the recipe so that you can use the recipe for a lifetime even after a while. Enjoy Koji Little's sandwiches in a healthy way for a long time!





Hello, sandwich cafe'Koji LittleIt's'.

As I am constantly researching to develop the menu, I have accumulated a lot of recipes that I can share with many people.

So I first started an offline cooking class at Koji Little

Currently, it also operates department store attendance and celebrity catering.

We are giving classes to many people, from hobbyists from the province to prospective founders and the boss who runs a cafe, but I came to Class 101 for convenient accessibility.

Therefore, as a class where you can learn about my own unique sandwiches, I chose only the menu that was recognized by everyone. A recipe that was so spared and saved! You can create amazing brunch menus with ingredients that are easy to find.

A special recipe from a sandwich restaurant, let's make it delicious from now on:)





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