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Learn about space experiments with “McGraw Hill Science,” the No. 1 science school textbook in the Anglo-American region!



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Experimenting with McGraw-Hill
13 Class Projects

It takes about 20-30 minutes to complete one class project.

  • Earth's Land world map puzzle

  • Earth's Water Salt Water Electrolysis Letter

  • Changes on Earth volcano model

  • Rocks and Minerals Rock watching

  • Soil soil observation (loupe)

  • Using Earth's Resources lawn doll

  • Weather wind direction anemometer

  • The Water Cycle Cloud Making

  • Changes in Weather paper binoculars

  • Day and night spinning top workout

  • Why Seasons Seasonings Sundial


  • The Solar System solar system mobile

American child, Australian child

90% are studying with this book.

Anglo-American No.1 textbook 'McGraw-Hill'

McGraw-Hill, an American textbook that is highly recognized and favored in Japan (McGraw-Hill), adopted and used by most Anglo-American countries around the world International textbooksIt's. From a long time ago, Korea Private elementary schools, language schools, and international schools also use McGraw Hill a lot as a textbookI'm doing it. There are many places that teach mathematics, social studies, and world history with American textbooks. It is said that more than 80% of the schools in Gangnam 8th School District are taught with American textbooks, and science is no exception.

McGraw-Hill is a textbook that parents who are interested in education may have heard at least once. Why isn't popularity declining? It's just in Korean The effect of two birds with one stone, learning the content while easily understanding how scientific concepts and terms are expressed in EnglishThis is because you can get it. eventually The time has come when English for English no longer exists. No more for future children English is more than the subject itself Tools for obtaining information(Tool), and it is a time when a different approach to education is needed.

McGraw-Hill (McGraw-Hill) A Closer Look (New edition))

1 volume of each Grade2 Unit C & D Textbook includedIt's supposed to be.

Textbook organization (student book, work book, CD)

Learning science through “experiments,”

Why does it matter?

Among the McGraw-Hill series of American textbooks 'There is something more special about “science” that is different from the way we do in Korea. As 16 states in the United States adopted active science education as a formal curriculum, more Highlight the importance of 'experimentation'It's doing it. Solve challenges by thinking about specific topics and asking questions Hands-on It's a method.

The McGraw-Hill curriculum is rich in pictorial books and visual materials, and consists of experiments and assignments that foster scientific thinking. If you learn a rich background and terminology about science, you can use your child's curriculum in the future Broad backgroundYou will be able to start with it laid out.

But actually Compared to the increasing demand for application books, it's not easy for parents to homeschool according to this good curriculum. First of all, it is difficult to study with all the application books piled up on a huge scale for all grades. This is because if you look at each grade level, the quantity and price are prohibitive. Also, even if you just buy a book, unless you're a parent who is an English major, you may wrap your head around with your child while searching for dictionaries. Of course The emphasis on “experimentation” in the McGraw Hill science curriculum is also limitedI have no choice but to work.


McGraw-Hill Science Certified Global Company Specializing in Experiments

HighTouch-HighTech's representative of the domestic branch,

This is Mok Jung-su.

# International School Program

# Same as a local class in the US

Seo Lee Science is the only domestic branch of the US HighTouch-HighTech program with more than 5 million members worldwide. Provides 100% of the same experimental program as Anglo-American regionsI'm doing it. Nationwide Specializing in domestic gifted science programs including the International School, National Gwacheon Science Museum, and Foundation for Science and CreativityIt follows the curriculum adapted to Korean children in the HighTouch-HighTech experimental program provided to American schools.

The McGraw Hill class of Seo Science, which you will meet in this class 101, will be a useful class for children who are starting to study English and for global kids in the age of convergence. The class basically experiments by explaining basic vocabulary and problems used in McGraw-Hill science textbooks in English and Korean. So that even children who can't understand American textbooks don't have trouble getting into it for the first time I found the perfect combination.

수강생 후기

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While living in Korea, on this vacation

How about meeting elementary schools in the United States?

Especially for children who have learned English naturally since they were young and are familiar with English New intellectual stimulationThis is necessary. With McGrahill, you can experience a variety of fields that are difficult to learn with English fairy tales alone! Avoid repetitive learning of the scientific principles of English conversation, which emphasized only functional aspects, and 16 states in the eastern United States Use the teaching method of a foreign school by introducing experiment-based learningI'm doing it. Meet HighTouch-HighTech, which offers the same experimental program as American schools, this winter vacation. By using English as a means to acquire knowledge, they naturally broaden their understanding of English vocabulary and American culture.

📍 McGrawhill Science Creator History

  • Korean distributor of the US HighTouch-HighTech program with over 5 million members worldwide
  • CEO of Seo Lee Science Education
  • Yonsei University Songdo International Campus “Gifted Science Camp” operation
  • Selected as a specialized education institution for the National Gwacheon Science Museum
  • Operation of Seoul City Mobile Science Museum and Cylab
  • Planning and provision of vocational education programs by the Sejong Municipal Office of Education
  • Operation of “Science and Technology Career Experience Program” by the Foundation for Science and Creativity
  • Seoul National University Green Bio Research Institute “Wellness Experience Camp” planning and operation
  • Operation of “Connecting Dreams” by the Korea Education and Academic Information Service
  • Rural Development Agency “Green Science Camp” planning and operation
  • Animal Husbandry Science Institute “Animal Husbandry Excursion” planning and operation

A child's dream to a higher universe!

The first topic of McGraw-Hill Science, 'Earth & Space'

After 11 years and 7 months of preparation, Nuriho launched our children's dreams into a vast universe. What stories did your parents tell your children while watching the wonderful 🚀 Nuriho 🚀 crossing the sky?

Although unfortunately it failed to enter the target orbit, the success of Nuriho is valuable compared to Lake Naro, which failed in the previous step of separating the pairing. This Nuriho challenge will have a big impact on children in the future. Since it is only the result of a projectile developed with our own technology, it can be an opportunity for children to take pride and show interest in the development of science in Korea. This is because space development will also accelerate in the future, and lunar exploration plans will be carried out in solidarity with the United States.

It is said that there will be a second launch in May next year. If you're a kid interested in space science, astronomical observation, or if you want to let your child experience the appeal of space science one step closer to reality, why not start with the McGraw-Hill Program? Aren't you wondering how different the conversation will be with the kid whose eyes sparkle while watching the 2022 OO issue differently than this time?

Nurturing future NASA space explorers

Just the local space science class at an American school!

Space development began in the 1960s in the Anglo-American region, which is an advanced space country, and space exploration has been carried out until Neptune. Various schools in the US are also nurturing children's dreams about space through space-related events. This is because for future children, the universe may no longer be an unknown realm, but a reality they can see and touch.

What kind of education is being conducted in the United States, which has NASA, to train future space experts? In this class I brought HighTouch-HighTech's experimental program as it is provided to American schools to Korea. It is structured to learn content through experiments rather than just learning through writing and videos, In the 13th week of the course of learning from Earth to expansion to space, you will learn all of them through experiments It's going to be.

Have fun studying the contents of Science A Closer Look, a science textbook by McGraw-Hill, the world's number one publisher, with a variety of experiments every week!

Do you know the difference between evaporation and boil?

Why we need to start with an 'accurate' scientific definition

Evaporation has the meaning of evaporation. I define it as < The Changing of a Liquid to Gas is called>. Does liquid become gas? Children who are new to the word may be confused with the word boil.

However, these two are completely different phenomena in English. Boil refers to the phenomenon that liquid becomes gas from within when water in a pot is boiled in a gas stove, as in the picture we often think of, and evaporation is a phenomenon where liquid naturally becomes gas, starting from the surface when drying laundry. It refers to the evaporation phenomenon that occurs without applying heat.

However, children who read books and study “Evaporation: Evaporation” don't notice the difference at all. This mistaken start will remain in children's minds over time.

That's why McGraw-Hill Science Explain exactly what looks similar but is different so they can understand it. It is not possible to learn by simply translating textbooks, but it is possible to learn by conducting classes in the same way as in the US!

It is possible to learn the correct content by explaining the contents of the textbook in Korean in an easy-to-understand manner, rather than a lesson that is limited to English translation.

Anglo-American No.1 scientific experiment 'McGraw-Hill Sciences'

Let's meet in Korea now!

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Let's meet Mcgraw-Hill Science (Mcgraw-Hill Science)!


Land and water


Earth's resources


Seals weather


Earth and space


Congratulations on your stubbornness!




It is the only domestic distributor of the US HighTouch-HighTech program, which has more than 5 million members worldwide, and provides the same experimental program as the Anglo-American region.

- Operation of “Gifted Science Camp” at Yonsei University Songdo International Campus

- Selected as a specialized education institution for the National Gwacheon Science Museum

- Seoul Mobile Science Museum and Cylab operator

- Provided a vocational education program by the Sejong Municipal Office of Education

- Operation of “Science and Technology Career Experience Program” by the Foundation for Science and Creativity

- Seoul National University Green Bio Research Institute “Wellness Experience Camp”

- Operation of “Connecting Dreams” by the Korea Education and Academic Information Service

- Planning and operation of “Green Science Camp” by the Rural Development Agency

- Animal Husbandry Science Institute “Animal Husbandry Excursion” planning and operation

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