11 chapters · 6 hours 18 minutes
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Smartphone/ KineMaster
1 Class Projects

It takes about 4-7 days hour(s) to complete each project.

  • [CLASS101 ONLY] Making Snapshots with Kyungsix Films

Skills You’ll Learn

Use SNS to decide where to shoot and where to go

I'm going to choose a good place to shoot on social media and a route according to the time.

Recognize places

You'll learn how to have a prettier composition in the same place.

Try shooting stably

You'll learn how to shoot smoothly without a stabilizer.

Shooting techniques for transitions

I'll show you a transition shooting technique that can be done just by editing a cut.

Choosing a sound source

A sound source that matches the video you've shot! Look for it like this.

Create transitions with KineMaster

I'm going to create gorgeous transitions using Kine Master.

The only video that changed my life

My girlfriend's eleven greatest trip to Osaka! (feat. (Kim Son's boyfriend)

Have you seen this video on YouTube or Facebook?

This is a travel video I made to capture a little special about my trip I went on with my girlfriend 3 years ago. Since it was uploaded to the travel community “Crazy for Travel,” which we commonly know, until now Over 5 million views in totalIt is recording. Thanks to that, I'm a ballerino Travel video creatorI moved to a job as 'Kim Son's Boyfriend'It got the nickname.

How non-majors became videographers

A lot of people think I majored in video-related subjects! In fact, I started ballet when I was in my second year of middle school and worked as a professional dancer in the National Ballet. Since I loved cameras, video was just a “hobby” for me.

Then I changed my job as a travel video creator, and I was also very difficult and clumsy at first. Since I had never received proper video training, there were so many terms and information that I didn't know. However, simply because I love video, I started shooting several videos over the course of 3 years. Once a month, I traveled overseas and domestically to produce videos with various brands and tourism agencies.

As I kept shooting like that, it was my own Know-how and experienceAs a result of this, the number of people who liked my videos began to increase. YouTube, which began as a hobby, has also gained a lot of subscribers, and now 300K subscribersI'm looking at it.

It's hard for anyone to start at first.
Because I know that frustration better than anyone else,
Furthermore, I think I can share my know-how from your point of view.

I'll guide you in shooting the video

In the meantime, I've been getting a lot of questions while making videos. Music, composition, transitions, etc... More people were interested in video production than I thought, and I also thought a lot about what to start with while thinking about this and that. I got off in the midst of such continuous worries One conclusion is that it's interesting!

People who have made travel videos think, “This is not an easy task,” after making them a few times. Since there is no organization of when, how, and what to shoot, I shoot everything, and in most cases, a date or a trip becomes a guest exhibition due to shooting. They lose interest like that.

In this class, everyone Make videos easy and enjoyable To be able to take pictures How to complete everything from shooting to editing with a single smartphoneI would like to let you know. I'm going to show you all the know-how I've felt and learned through my experiences. Also, this lecture is not a lecture that unravels previously produced videos Video created exclusively for Class 101 lessonsSo please look forward to it!

Reasons to proceed with just one smartphone

When it comes to video, the most important thing is good image quality and features, but Capturing a fleeting moment quicklyI think so. You already have a great camera in your hands that is light and easy to shoot at any time. immediately smartphonesThis is it.

LG G7 ThinQ X Kyung6Film

In this class How to get the most out of your smartphone with minimal equipmentI would like to let you know. It would be nice to think of it as a course that not just learns video shooting and editing tools, but also establishes the basic framework of the overall work method. Put down the heavy equipment with me and learn the essence of shooting and editing properly. We'll show you all of them in the easiest and quickest way with just a smartphone.

We will reveal all the behind-the-scenes scenes

In this class, I'm not just showing you the finished result and explaining it in words, but I'm going to show you the whole process of how I shot the actual shooting. How do you make 100% use of each location, how did you walk with the camera, how do you hold angles, how do you communicate with models, etc. The feeling of being on the shooting siteI'll make it possible for you to receive. If you follow me step by step, you will be able to face satisfactory results.

STEP 1. setups

The class was made with iPhone 11 Pro.

First, I'll show you how to set up a smartphone for iPhone and Android users. Next, I'll explain the most basic shooting techniques.

STEP 2. planing

Before shooting a video in earnest, I'll show you how to choose a shooting location and plan a route. We'll tell you in detail how to make the most of social media to find your favorite spot, things to keep in mind when deciding on a location, and what you need to prepare for shooting.

STEP 3. shoots

We'll show you how to shoot from various angles with your smartphone so that you can bring out the full appeal of each location. I'm going to share all of my own know-how, such as camera moving for transitions, low angles, and wide angles.

STEP 4. edits

Finally, we'll show you how to edit easily and simply with the Kinemaster app. I'll show you how to add immersion and fun to the video, such as choosing the right sound source for the video, and adding life to the video with a speed lamp.

To be able to bring out memories

I want many people to be able to easily record videos and take them out anytime. When I watch the videos I've made Warm sunshine and air, The alley I strolled, The smell of the seacomes back to life.

Get out of the box of equipment through this class Video production is easy and fun Let's get started. Of course, this course won't solve everything! Don't worry Compact camera and gimbal! I'm planning a course using professional editing tools! In order to do that, your high level of interest and stubbornness is important, right? Thank you for your interest.





Hello everyone This is Kim Kyung Sik of Kyungsik Film.

I'm currently working as a video artist and making a variety of personal work and travel videos. While watching a lot of questions I've been receiving on social media, I thought I'd make a video of the answers to these questions one day. And this is how I came to welcome you in class 101.

This course contains the secrets of basic framing, editing, and how to keep creating videos without losing interest. A smartphone is all you need. Why don't you make a beautiful memorable video with Kyungsik?





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