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Even those of you who are new to doll clothes! It's not difficult to complete a beautiful suit



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For those of you who want to make doll clothes

Join the best choice, puppet artist Jeong Jiwon.

Hello, I'm Jeong Jiwon, a doll artist who has been loved by doll enthusiasts for a long time. In Class 101, I meet many classmates who want to make doll clothes through two regular classes.

Please pay attention to those who want to make new doll clothes without much effort, or those who want to start doll clothes for the first time but are very hesitant.

I would like to introduce this mini class where you can make a beautiful inner dress and a simple outerwear that goes well with it.

Easy to get started even for beginners

You can learn different skills.

Anyone can easily create a beautiful doll suit through a detailed and kind explanation from Jeong Jiwon, who is the trusted choice of many people.

In this class, I worked hard to create a full structure so that I could learn a lot of different and useful techniques while making it simple.

First, I'll show you how to easily fix “pintuck wrinkles” and fix the entire front of a dress at once. A more decorative finish can be achieved through freely embroidered beading embroidery.

Second, learn different back fastening patterns, and learn how to create them in a highly complete manner. It's fun to imagine the moment when you put a neatly finished dress on a doll, open the back, and even tie a ribbon.

Third, I'll tell you how to make lining easier with a level of difficulty suitable for beginners. While processing the lining, you can also learn the idea of making a lace button closure.

“You think I made this?”

I'll give you a moment you can be proud of.

Even if you don't have dexterity or are a beginner, at least experience is fine. If you take a class with Jeong Jiwon, who makes everything fun the moment you make it, you'll feel like you've spent time chatting with friends, and you'll have finished beautiful doll clothes.

Let's start that fun moment together?



How to make a simple smoking dress


Create a classic lightweight padded jacket




Hello? I'm Jeong Jiwon, a handmade puppet artist and dollwear designer, and a designer of doll clothes.

It operates a laboratory in Cheongdam-dong and a website called Homtelier (www. Dollatelier.com). He is a fun creator who actively communicates online and offline in the doll world, and shares happy clothes with people around him with his unique bright and whimsical personality through dolls and doll clothes.

I'm really happy to be able to share a fun hobby with all of you through Class 101. When I sew in my studio, I feel full that no one in the world is as happy as I am.

As the number of people who sympathize with that satisfying happiness increases and the number of people who love dolls in Korea increases, I have published books occasionally over the past few years to share the knowledge that I know even though it is lacking with more people.

<I wrote bestsellers such as <Making Antiques for Babydolls by <Making Doll Clothes by Hand Sewing and Knitting>, <Making Doll Clothes by Hand Sewing and Knitting>, and supervised <<<>Obitz 11 Girls' Doll Clothes Pattern Textbook>

In this mini-course, you will be presented with an exciting item lesson where you can learn a variety of easy and simple techniques while making dresses and lightweight padded jackets. Enjoy a high level of perfection and satisfaction with an effortless amount of work!!



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