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๐Ÿ”ฅ Top creator in the real estate field chosen by more than 5,500 CLASS101 students!

Chief Song's class was updated on April 18, 2023! ๐Ÿ”ฅ


When real estate declines and adjusts, auctions are burning!

I will share with you Mr. Song's insight for 2023.

  1. How to become rich as an ordinary office worker
  2. Auctions are the best way to set a return on capital
  3. Complete technology to increase return on capital

Do you think it's someone else's job to make rent revenue of 3 million won?

An ordinary burin in his 30s makes 1 million won in rent

I usually take the first step to becoming rich without work 3 million won per monthI'm talking about setting it so that it can come in. If we receive a fixed income of about 3 million won per month in addition to our salary, first of all, we can relax our mind, and that kind of relaxation of mind makes us enter the path of wealth. It's a life changing thing.

Monthly rent of 3 million wonReceiving
Do you think this is only possible for people with special abilities?

Absolutely not. Me too, used to be extremely commonerAnd even at this moment, many people around me continue to get rich in rent. All of these are extremely common in the surrounding area An ordinary full-time housewife or a salaried office workerIt is.

The story of real ordinary people who learned how to get rich!

How are you? Do you think it's just someone else's story or a lie?

These are all actual examples, and all of the people introduced above The person who became rich within 3 years after learning how to get rich from meIt's a field. This is just a few examples of the many rich people who have been born so far.

If you're wondering if it's true, YouTube <Hank TV> Channel and Naver Cafe <HAPPY FINANCY TECHThe actual stories of my various disciples have been revealed on >, so you can check them out.

Like this How to get richAnyone who knows Change your normal life and get richIt could be.


A mentor for rich people in Korea who have created many rich people,

I'm Song Hee-chang, the director of Song.

I am currently 240,000He is the representative of โ€œHappy Finance Techโ€ cafe, which has more than this number of members, and manages various businesses successful businessmanAnd they are investing in real estate Practice investorsIt is. Also, all 4 real estate books I've written so far An author who became a bestsellerIt's also.

I only own the building I currently own monthly Rent equal to or greater than the salary of the manager of a large companyI am receiving it. If these buildings are sold later, there will also be a huge sell-off.

In addition to this, all of my own businesses (publishing house, swimming pool, gossitel, reading room, indoor soccer field, etc.) have achieved the best results in this field until now, and now they are even more successful. Of course, the business income from this is separate from rent.

Was I able to achieve all of this because I was special?

Absolutely not. Now I'm living the life of a very rich person by investing in real estate and managing various businesses like this, but in the past, I was Shabby and poorI did it.

After graduating from a local university and not being able to get a job, penniless nightclubSo-called from Third-class bandI worked for 4 and a half years, and during that period I went to work at 6 o'clock every evening without a day off in a year and left work at 4 a.m. the next day.

After work, when other colleagues go out to play, I save money for my dream Studying to get richI worked hard at it, and I didn't let go of the book even when I was relaxing in the nightclub waiting room. I really wanted to become rich.

For me Clear dreams and goalsBecause of that, I was able to get through that period unwaveringly while riding a used Tico worth 2.3 million won.

From nightclub Albacin to becoming a multi-billionaire

To become rich in a capitalist society Investment is essentialIt is. This is because you can never surpass the limits of mediocrity without investing.

Saving money is important, but proceedsIncreasing it is a more important and wise choice. Thus, we richTo become targetsYou have to set up and study.

I want to invest, but I don't have a lot of money.

It's a phrase I've often heard from people who are starting to study investing. However, if you study investing, this is nothing more than an excuse. Investment is Small amountIt's also quite possible, because it's definitely not something you do by luck. While making an effort prowessBy growing it, you can turn things you thought were impossible into reality.

The road map to becoming rich by investing in real estate is really simple. What you can get every month cash flowYou can draw a road map by focusing on one thing. Learn how to increase profits through customized real estate investments according to your own financial conditions!

Song Sang-jang's life lecture

Get it at the cheapest price!

I grew up really poor when I was a kid. There wasn't even enough food to eat, so there was nothing else to say. I wanted to be richer than anyone else for the rest of my life. But I didn't know how to get rich.

I didn't like that kind of life on wheels, so I was desperate to learn how to get rich and how to get rich. As a result of doing it myself, The life of a rich man is hard workIt was something I could create by doing it.

When I became rich later, I vowed to help people with these problems like me. So through this opportunityLife lessons that are the most cornerstone of becoming richI was able to proceed.

A course worth several million won that is not easily held even once a year offline First and lastI would like to offer it at the lowest price. So it's the most familiar course to listen to, but the content will be composed of the best lectures.

Even if you don't know anything about real estate, even if you don't have a capital of 1 million won right now, if you take the course first, your thoughts and vision will change. I'll tell you a real story about how your bank account balance can change your life.

The process of becoming rich is actually very simple.

  • Step 1: Collect seed money
  • Step 2: Complete your studies
  • Step 3: Boosting assets through investment and business

You just need to understand the above 3 rules and study accordingly. In this way, even ordinary people can easily live the lives of rich people.

Are you still unbelievable about getting rich by investing in real estate, or do you think of it as a story from a distant country that has nothing to do with me?

Up until now, so many ordinary people have changed their lives.

What I'm telling you How to get richIf you learn it, the first step to becoming rich, making 3 million won per month, will be a very common thing. I hope you will be the protagonist now.

I really want you to be rich.

I always emphasize it to people.

โ€œSuccess comes from differences in thinking, and people live their lives as they have drawn.โ€Silence.

In fact, it is. Because I have completed the life I had imagined at the time. Not only me, but many of my disciples are living the lives of rich people now in their normal lives, and rich people are continuing to be born even at this moment.

In addition to my experience of accumulating wealth and becoming rich, I learned more clearly how to become rich by watching many people around me who become rich over a long period of time, and now I want to share that know-how with more people through Class 101.

I look forward to seeing many rich people born in class 101.

๐Ÿ“ Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it possible to invest in real estate when I have little seed money?

A : If you look at the success stories of the students, office workers who started with 25 million won in seed money and those who started with around 20 million won in their 20s also became rich. I'll show you how to make a stable rent while being effectively paid even with a small amount of seed money.

Q: I'm an office worker and I don't have enough time, can I invest in real estate?

A : There are not many full-time investors among those who are currently achieving results. Most are office workers or full-time housewives. Like most people, even if you don't put in a lot of time, you can produce good results if you make good use of your weekends and leisure time.

Q: I have a lot of doubts. Are there really many rich people? How can I check it?

A : You can read members' experiences at Happiness Financial Cafe, which I run, and check out my blog <How to Get Rich in 3 Years> by members who have directly invested in my blog <How to Get Rich in 3 Years>. During the 13 years of running the cafe, many rich people were born. In fact, not only rich people but also many professionals have been produced. There are more than 24 of my students who have published books based on their own successful examples, and there are many who work as lecturers in the field.

About the history of Chief Song

  • CEO of Naver Cafรฉ [Happiness Financial Tech] with 240,000 members
  • YouTube <hank tv> Channel operation
  • Naver Blog <How to get rich within 3 years> Operation
  • CEO of KALITZ Co., Ltd.
  • Represented by book publishing wisdom
  • CEO of โ€œHank Eduโ€, the number one online real estate site
  • Bestselling author of 5 books on economics and management
  • Swimming pool, soccer field, premium reading room, premium gositel, CEO of Soho Office





It gave birth to many rich people in Korea

I'm Song Hee-chang, also known as hank.


I am Heechang Song, more known by my nickname hank.

Until I was a job-seeker, I also thought that entering a good company was the only way to live well. However, since I left a local university and didn't have any special specs, it wasn't easy for me to get a job.

As a poor person, I always yearned for the life of a rich man, and I really wanted to be rich. So I had to find another way. From then on, I earnestly saved money and learned how to become extremely rich.

I've tried so many things that I haven't tried in order to reach my goal of becoming rich. Also, if there's one thing I realized and became convinced of in the process of reaching the top, it's that the quickest shortcut to becoming rich is the way to combine real estate and business.

More people than I thought it would be too difficult when it comes to real estate and business, but that's not the case at all if they learn how to do it properly. I did it, and so many ordinary people have succeeded.

It's not hard to get rich. It was difficult because I didn't know how to get rich.

I will actively share my know-how with those who have decided to make their dream of being rich come true without giving up.

Even at this moment when everyone is hesitating <Happy Financial Tech> Cafe, success stories of people who lived a normal life became rich will continue to be posted.

โ€œPeople live their lives according to their own drawingsโ€

In the meantime, it has made many ordinary people rich.

If you take my course and draw a picture of a rich person, I'll help you make that dream come true.

Over the four and a half years of working at a nightclub, I was able to make 120 million won of seed money by collecting money like this, and I was able to complete my studies on investment and business. After quitting the nightclub, I invested 120 million won in real estate to make 2 billion won in 3 years, and now A wealth value of tens of billions of wonIt became

I started a community called Daum Cafรฉ โ€œHappiness Financial Techโ€ in 2008 to share know-how with many people based on my investment experience and wealth experience, and now it has grown into a cafe with 360,000 members. And over this 13-year period, we have produced many rich people.



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