10 chapters · 7 hours 40 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Learn How to Design in an Easy Yet Stylish Way.

Design? It's not difficult! Learn simple yet sophisticated design know-how.

Practice the Motion Graphic Production Process Used in the Business!

Learn about video production processes such as research, concept, animatic, and create your own.

Practical Animation Tips from Designers!

Learn about tips for anyone who wants to look like an expert.

Unleashing All the Tips on Creating Lively Motion Graphics!

Understand and practice the flow of the video through speed, strength and contrast.

Learn How to Express Movement with Keywords

Create motions which match keywords.

Here Are All the Tips From a Professional Designer and Also a Youtuber

With 10 Years of Experience

For about 10 years, I worked as a video designer outsourcing video motion graphics for various broadcasters such as OCN/terrestrial channels. On top of that, I also worked on game promotion videos such as PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS/Netmarble. I decided to launch my class on CLASS 101 to share all of my practical tips on motion graphics that I learned while working as a Youtuber :D

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The Reason You should Take This Class

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  • How the Youtuber JohnKOVA started classes
  • The whole process for making one video
  • How can you use what you've learned in after the class?
  • Who is this class for?
  • Making motion graphic on your own
  • Creating your own special self-branding video

From "Basics" to "Planning" and "Production"

Exclusive on CLASS101

In this class, I'll teach you how to create simple yet aesthetic videos rather than colorful and complicated designs never mentioned in my youtube classes. After the class, you will be able to create motion graphics like a professional on your own with essential and practical tips that you learn in the class.

The motion graphics I created are completed through several steps,

From how to use basic tools to planning your own ideas,
And even turning that project into actual work!
If you follow and trust me through the progress,
You'll be able to create videos on your own even if those are challenging videos

1. Concept and Planning Sketches, Storyboards

First, let's decide the concept for the video we want to create.

I'll make a simple storyboard using sketches to get down to work:)

2. Preview work and rough animation

Let's make a preview of the shots on the storyboard considering contrast, density, and layout!

3. Add Aesthetic Detail Animation

Bring the art to life with effects such as Text Animator, Trim Path, Mask, etc., which are useful in practical ways

4. Create Your Own Video with JohnKOBA's Tips!

All-in-One class! Understand the flow of the video, animation with rhythm and features that make motion graphic aesthetic!

After all these steps, you'll have your own video portfolio :)

  • Practical tips for creating more upgraded motion graphics
  • The rules that have been established when it comes to the video production
  • Hacks from a designer such as work processes learned through numerous tasks!

I'm going to share various key points clear so that you can fully follow along.

Never miss the “JohnKOBA Practical Tips” in each curriculum!

Additional Class Information

  • The time consumed may vary from person to person.
  • The lecture will be conducted using WINDOWS.






I'm JohnKOBA, a motion graphic designer and Youtuber in South Korea.

As a video designer with 10 years experience, I have produced videos and motion graphics of various genres for numerous broadcasters such as OCN/terrestrial channels. This class is especially made for those who want to create better motion graphic. I would love to share practical tips that take you to the next level. :D

Motion graphics that make “amateur” to look an “expert”

Based on the pro-tips I've taught to many people about design and motion graphics through YouTube and CLASS101 basics class, I would like to share some advanced motion graphics techniques in this class. Those who haven't learned design can work like professionals with me!

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